A Millennial’s Guide to Saving Money

A Millennial’s Guide to Saving Money

My Dad used to (actually, he still does) say that the millennial is awful with money. So, every month-end that would see me staring woefully at all the missing zeroes in my bank account, I would make a promise to myself that I would be a lot more planned with my moolah. That one month when I was down to my last few hundred rupees, made me realize that I needed to change my ways. When you’re in college, being broke is the worst thing ever, and I forced myself to get my ish together.

Enter Sooch 2.0, the smart, savvy (an exaggeration), wise as ever – with money – version of me.

• I didn’t really do a LOT, just made a few minor changes. For example, I am a teetolater and I realized that when I did go to clubs, I ended up being the grandma and trust me, when you are the ONLY sober person, you don’t need to be going to clubs in the first place. Getting rid of these friends of mine helped drastically. No money was wasted on Uber, or on other people’s liquor, and I got to spend my Sunday nights sleeping in. Unless of course, I had a night shift.

• The second thing I did was cut back completely on ordering in. And I would cook myself healthy meals that momma would approve. Which is something I do till date.

Not only does this save you money, home-cooked meals are almost always so much easier on your heart and your waistline.

• Investments are your best friend. Read up on mutual funds, and property investments and make smart choices. You’ll get returns and you will feel like a sorted person. Get someone to help you out, if you’re getting stuck somewhere. There’s zero shame in asking for guidance.

• I did a lot of debating, and finally made a giant change in my shopping habits. I don’t buy stuff I won’t ever wear. Which means I don’t have clothes that are lying around collecting dust, and I have a closet that gives me breathing space. I’ve also cut back on my makeup shopping addiction by putting myself on ‘low-buys’ and ‘no-buys’, throughout the year, which means sometimes I go without buying makeup for MONTHS at a stretch. I’ve also unfollowed accounts like Trendmood1 on Instagram, because she is an enabler who makes you feel like you are compelled to buy every new launch that every other brand under the sun comes out with.

• I eighty-sixed my credit card. That saved me a lot of headache and hassle and I don’t have humongous bills to pay at the end of every month. If you’re a compulsive and an IMPULSIVE shopper too, don’t get a credit card in the first place.

What are some of the ways you save money?

Ten Relationship Home Truths

Ten Relationship Home Truths

• The biggest mistake people in relationships make would be comparing their relationship to someone else’s.

• A relationship actually should be between two people. Don’t involve a third person. No aunt or mommy or best friend, no one, would ever be able to fix it for you. The only people that can would be you and your partner.

• EVERY COUPLE HAS PROBLEMS. Mature people handle it like pros and that’s why it seems like their relationship is killing it.

• You’re not ready for a new relationship with a new person if you’re constantly saying crap about your ex. You made the choice to date this person, your ex, and you shouldn’t let your present question your brains.

• Rebounds never really last. If someone says they’re happy with their rebound, they’re lying.

• Most millennials are hella scared of marriage. It’s not just you. It’s most of the millennial population. We’re a screwed up generation.

• Also, millennials are really bad with money. Don’t expect your man to always get you stuff because dude is paying EMIs and home loans and you need to chill about not getting a Valentine’s Day gift.

• If you need to play Nancy Drew and if you’re someone that wants his passwords, boo, you ain’t ready. Same goes for the men. If you can’t trust your partner, you need to take a step back and reconsider.

• If you can expect time and attention and other stuff from your partner without overdoing it, you’re going to make a great partner.

• It’s true: if you can be best friends with your partner, you’re super sorted and you’re hella lucky.



Do you remember our first date? I do. It was super warm, even for October. I remember how I’d left in a rush, and that I’d given myself a nice little bruise on my thumb from trying to get out the door real fast.

You see, I hated to keep you waiting. And I did manage to get there in time. With literally five whole minutes to spare. I was so proud of myself. It wasn’t much, for a first date, but we both decided on a dinner and a drive because we wanted to talk and get to know each other better.

You said hello and we were both so awkward, but only at first. You, you gorgeous man, you were so good at breaking the ice and making me feel comfortable, my paranoid heart decided against reaching for the pepper spray when you held my hand in the restaurant, for the very first time. Yes, I did carry pepper spray in my little clutch. Dad insisted I bring the taser, but I didn’t. You should be thankful. Ahahaha.

I’m so glad to this day, that you picked the corner booth – it was both cosy and cute. And you didn’t judge me when I ate too much chocolate mousse and got it all over my face. You laughed and said I was adorable.

I can’t believe you actually remembered my birthday even though we’d only officially met the other week. We got super late, and it was getting close to midnight and strangely enough, I didn’t even panic. You excused yourself and stopped the car and got out randomly and I thought, of course there’s a catch and he can’t be that perfect, so I guess he’s going to hurt me now, but no it was you with a cake and candles and balloons shaped like hearts and my Dad and Mum on FaceTime on your phone, all of you singing happy birthday. My heart stopped then. I remember all my fears washing away and thinking to myself, who said arranged marriages aren’t romantic, and the rest of the night passed by in a happy blur.

The connection our hearts made that night, and the way things turned out, oh it was meant to be. And now here we are, two hearts united and happy.

PS: This was based on a friend’s “arranged marriage” story.

The practice is quite common in India, for those of you that don’t know, and people seem to be okay with it. Although there are a million horror stories of failed or unhappy arranged marriages, there are some like the one I just told you, and it’s so heartwarming, you know? Do you know of anyone that had an arranged marriage and is extremely happy? Tell me about it.



I’ve been sitting in the exact same spot, trying to come up with something solid to post about. And I’ve been drawing blanks. I’m supposed to talk about gratitude today, and to be honest, it’s overwhelmingly hard. I’m sure Jamie/Shih Tzu is going to do wonderfully well today, he’s brilliant with his stories, but what do I talk about? Yikes. It’s also World Health day today, and I wanted to talk about stuff.

So the LOML (I’m trying to be fancy because I don’t wanna say Bear’s name) picked the word of the day. And the first thing that comes to my mind when I actually think about it? Him. I know I’ve ranted a lot on my blog, and will continue to do so, but if I’d to be thankful and grateful for something, it would have to be him. All the fiction that’s loosely based on real events aside, he’s my truth and he’s amazing. How many times have we taken the time to be actually thankful and feel blessed to be given all that we’ve been given? Not many. We mostly all just complain and compare and feel the need to drown ourselves in FOMO. Not cool, you guys.

Every time you feel bad, or wish you had a better life, you need to step back and remind yourself that there are people that wish they’d been in your shoes. Emilia Clarke had brain aneurysms but she never complained, and she’s one of the most successful actors of our time. If she’s never found reasons to be miserable, why should any of us be that way, right?

I’m thankful, honestly.

I could have died in that motorcycle accident in 2015: I didn’t. I’m okay, I’m doing great and everything is moving in the right direction. There’s no family feud, there’s no drama and there are no crunches. Done my share of traveling and spending time with my family. Made (and still making) memories. Went from being bratty to super nice and I feel myself evolving into a better person. Love front? Going great. Still paranoid about posting about it on the Gram, or on Twitter: can’t shake off the feeling that something bad might happen or someone might jinx it. Yikes. But I’m so grateful. You listen to the Ariana Grande songs about things and you realize that everything in your life has been a learning lesson. So yes, grateful.

What are you grateful for?



It’s 3 in the morning. Why did I watch The Conjuring all by myself? I’ve to pee. Should I wake him up? He’s fast asleep, I’ve never seen him look so relaxed. Wait, is that a frown on his forehead? What’s happening?

Is he going to talk in his sleep?

This is creepy. I really do have to pee. Why did I drink so many margaritas? It’s not good for my new fancy die…… what was that? ….t. I think I should wake him up. I mean, what are husbands for, if not to accompany you to the loo when you’re scared out of your wits? What is that tapping noise?

I look around trying to find my phone. I gotta turn on the lamp on the nightstand. Argh, this stupid damn bladder. Welp. Ah there we go. This lamp needs to be closer to me.

He’s smiling in his sleep. It’s good. The smile is growing wider. Ooh, good. Must be thinking about his football team winning earlier. Why am I watching him like a total freak? Let me look closer. I want to touch his hair. It calms me down. I love how smooth his forehead looks. Zero traces of stress. I smile to myself and run my fingers though his hair. He’s so cold. Smells funny. How does he suddenly smell funny? What is up with tonight. It’s still three in the morning? I’ve been doing all this talking and time hasn’t moved? Strange. Let me go pee. Argh.

Aw, look he just grabbed my hand.

He’s saying something. He’s so cold. His neck creaks slightly as he turns his face towards me, and his eyes are tightly open wide and I’ve never seen him look so… evil. That sinister smile seemed to have gotten even more sinister. What’s happening?

I’m frozen.

He lets go, and then grabs my neck with both hands. Those hands. So cold. Almost as if they belonged to a dead person. I can’t move. He’s choking me. He’s choking me. I can’t talk, I start to slip, I can’t scream. I’m frozen within the sheets.

The NEXT day:

What a bright morning. Mm. My neck hurts. My back is cramping. And he’s sitting in a chair looking at me like he’s seen a ghost. I get out of bed and go hug him and ask him if he’s okay.

He’s got tears in his eyes. My man, crying. I’ve seen him cry only once before. His grandma passed and he was inconsolable, but that was a good decade ago. He holds me tight, it feels good. Finally he tells me.

“You were strangling yourself in your sleep last night, I thought I’d lost you.”

I can’t remember any of it.


Sleep paralysis is real. Nyctophobia is real. Sometimes fear manifests in the strangest of ways. What’s your biggest fear? Or paranoia? How do you control it?

Affluence – Necessary Evil?

Affluence – Necessary Evil?

So Shih Tzu (if you’re not following his blog, what are you even doing with your life, jeez Louise) came up with the idea of doing the twenty six day challenge. Where you do a blog post every day, for twenty six days, and you do it alphabetically. Today happens to be day one, so I came up with affluence. More on that in just a bit. Since I was already doing the 365 day writing challenge, this whole thing fit in perfectly.

Why did I pick this particular word? I don’t know, it just came to me. Maybe it’s got something to do with how Indian parents think. They all want their kids to marry into affluence. And into luxury. And it’s such a badly constructed notion, that money alone means happiness – because it’s not. No matter what Ariana Grande tells you, no money in the world could buy you peace of mind. Sure, you’re going to be happy, momentarily. And then you’re going to get sucked into the world of income tax raids and people throwing jealousy your way and before you know it, oh hello, bad vibes.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s got something to do with the Flu. Which I’m currently battling, wishing it would somehow turn into afFLUence of good health. Ahahahhahahaha. My sense of humor has been compromised, y’all.

Jokes apart, know I talk about Instagram a lot. I’m pretty sure we’ve all – at some point – coveted things, because of how it was all being portrayed online. For example, Jeremy Fragrance with his Ferrari that he could buy because of his consistency on YouTube. And then there’s Kenya’s richest blogger, Sonal Maherali, who’s a self professed full time homemaker with a closet full of Louboutins. And every time I think about how seemingly happy they look, I can’t help but wonder if behind their curated lives, does any trace of completeness even exist? If being rich was all that Jazz, why do so many celebrities get into so much trouble? Why do most lavish weddings end in messy divorces? Makes you wonder what’s really going on, doesn’t it?

I guess the key lies in finding a happy medium. Not too this and not too that.

Medusa: Woman, Wronged

Medusa: Woman, Wronged

We’ve all heard of Medusa, right? The Gorgon with snakes for hair, hideously deformed, turning people to stone – does any of that sound familiar to you? Thought so.

How many of us actually know the whole story? Did you know, for example, that Medusa had two siblings? According to Wikipedia:

The three Gorgon sisters—Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale—were all children of the ancient marine deities Phorcys (or “Phorkys”) and his sister Ceto (or “Keto”), chthonic monsters from an archaic world.

Now, Medusa was also the only mortal amongst her siblings, and she also happened to be a young woman of breathtaking beauty. She was training to be a priestess and serve and protect the goddess Athena. It was around this time that Poseidon, the god of the sea, happened to see her and wanted to possess her. Medusa rebuffed him, because she wanted to be a priestess and stay celibate. Poseidon, and his male ego, wouldn’t let this go, and he ended up raping her in Athena’s temple. Medusa sought protection and begged to be seen and heard. And Athena punished Medusa for having lost her virginity, turning her into a grotesque monster with snakes for hair.

She was eventually beheaded by Perseus and her head delivered to Athena, who placed it upon her shield to ward away evil. In death too, Medusa protected Athena like she was always meant to.

Now, this infuriates me. Victim-shaming, isn’t new at all. This practice letting women be constantly wronged and treating them like absolute dirt, and punishing them for being molested, has clearly been around since the beginning of time. Every religion has oppressed women in some way. For example, Hinduism had the ritual called sati – the practice of burning young widows alive next to their super old and dead husbands because they didn’t deserve a life. So it’s been the same all over. And nobody did much to stop it. What’s even more infuriating is the fact that Ovid said that the punishment doled out towards Medusa was totally justified. For no fault of her own. Wow.

I wish someone would make a stand-alone Medusa movie. Tell the story as it is meant to be told. I’ll watch. I can’t wait.

Are Reboots Better Than The OGs?

Are Reboots Better Than The OGs?

Netflix is doing great lately. It gave us Birdbox. And it gave us Stranger Things. It also gave us the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Dynasty, reboot and Charmed, reboot.

I grew up watching Sabrina the teenage witch. I mean, Melissa Joan Hart was adorable. Take a look at that hair! And aw, that face. She was bubbly and cute and everything rosy. But nobody realized what we were missing out onuntil the CAOS happened. And it was so good. Is so good.

It stars Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina, and boy oh boy, her acting skills are top notch. Although arguably a lot darker, the show is also a whole lot more gripping. While many people detested the show because of how satanic it seemed to be, and quit midway, most of us loved the show and cannot wait for the new season. The trailer that dropped a few days back looks promising and basically, just whoa. The bonus Christmas episode from 2018 was beautiful. Super nice.

Dynasty was a big hit in the eighties. The 2018 reboot is actually more interesting to me. Maybe that’s got something to do with my love for Liz Gillies but the girl can act. And sing. And the clothes are great, and the script is great, the cuts are crisp and Alexis is awesome (spoiler alert: even though she gets thrown into the fireplace in the latest episode of season two.) I’ve rarely loved a TV villain half as much as I’ve loved Nicolette Sheridan’s – remember her from Desperate Housewives? – portrayal of Alexis. The woman is as eye-conic as her eyelashes. Although Dame Joan Collins as Alexis was just as badass:

…I still like the newer cast better. For starters, I love the inclusivity and the tweaks here and there – for example, I love that Sammy Jo is a gay man in the reboot, that the Colbys are black, and that the new location is now Atlanta. Woot woot. Plus, I love the new Fallon. She’s PERFECT.

Which brings me to the last show I want to discuss – Charmed.

Okay, I loved the OG. I was obsessed. I mean, who doesn’t love Prue and Paige? Rose McGowan was a treat to watch.

The new show though, wow. They changed the names and the sexual orientation of one of the sisters. Which made me go, yaaaaaasssss girl, and I adore Macy. She’s brilliant and doesn’t wear over the top clothing and isn’t perfect, and has demon blood in her and oh my goodness, she’s brilliant. Swoon. Also Maggie as the empath is just so effing cute. Kind of don’t like Mel much but I love Jada because she’s so mysterious. Ah. You need to watch the show.

Clearly, all the reboots take the crown. In my opinion. Are you a fan of the OG or the reboots, in case you do watch any of these shows? Meanwhile, I cannot wait for the new episode of Charmed, this Sunday. The only sad part about these shows I watch would be the fact that they only air once a week. Argh.

Random Deep Thoughts

Random Deep Thoughts

• I just found this article on some blog. You guys need to read it, right away.

Apparently Iceland’s declared religion as weapons of mass destruction. I found it extremely unreal, and soon enough, it was declared a hoax. Fake news. And that we all needed to chill. Well, obviously. I guess religion happened in the first place because people agreed to disagree. In a healthy way. Without deciding to bite each other’s heads off at every instance. But then the Internet happened, and people started misusing resources and here we are today, in 2019, with guns and bombs and heated debates, all going nowhere.

I wish people would stop taking things so casually.

• How did “cancel culture” get so popular? I get it, Jeffree Star is as iconic as it gets but he could use his platform to be a little more well, Jeffree.

• Is it just me, or does Billie Eilish seem to be channeling Avril Lavigne, circa 2002? Here’s Billie. The hair. The very unique voice. The music videos. The baggy clothes.

Tell me this doesn’t remind you of Lavigne. She was a seventeen at this point too, and she was a pop disruptor and she was hailed as Anti-Britney.

Mind. Blown.

• Unpopular opinion – Balenciaga is overrated. I mean, their stuff isn’t even cute.

Seriously, were they drunk while designing these shoes? I mean, who asked for this? Most importantly, who OKAYED this? It looks more like a freaking lawnmower than a shoe. Thank you, pass.

• Cooking is therapeutic. A clean station, chopping onions while channeling your inner Gordon Ramsey when you’re home alone is blissful. Take it from me. Oh my. Oh my. The sheer bliss of having produced a perfectly Instagram-y sunny side up egg is just… *bellissima*

I talk about 🥚 a lot on my blog. I need to stop. Y’all probably think I’m constantly gassy and weird. I’m not.

Do you happen to have a random thought right this second? Let me know!

What A Time To Be Alive

What A Time To Be Alive

I mean, seriously.

There’s been a lot of hype on Instagram surrounding this post:

And of course it has quickly surpassed the most liked photo on Instagram – of Kylie Jenner’s baby Stormi. And the likes just keep growing. The #EggGang seems to be going strong, y’all. Considering that this account is barely ten days old.

Like I said, what a time to be alive.

This actually compels me to say something – 2019 is galloping by like a wild Appaloosa on crack. It’s already the fourteenth of January, like what the heck? Slow down. Also, have you guys looked at the articles online about the world ending on January 21st this year?

To quote a paragraph from this article I found on Express:

The upcoming total lunar eclipse, often dubbed the , will paint the skies a menacing red colour over vast swathes of North and South America, Europe and parts of Africa. The Blood Moon is expected to peak on the night of January 21, 2019, marking the second anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Biblical conspiracy theorists have now claimed the coincidental date is significant, with some going as far as to claim the world is coming to an end. Chief conspiracist, Evangelical Pastor Paul Begley from West Lafayette in Indiana, warned his followers the Blood Moon is a prophetic sign of the “end times”.

Uh oh. And watching creepy shows aren’t helping me at this point, but I still do it.

Also, I just realized that the past never truly gets swept under the rug. There’s a Bollywood star called Ranveer Singh who made a rather tasteless comment while sharing the couch with his costar Anushka Sharma, on this talk show called Koffee with Karan. Not only does the deliberate spelling mistake make me mad, it doesn’t help Karan Johar’s case at all. To me, he’s a hypocrite who says everything should be all about empowerment while doing nothing to enforce whatever he says. He’s also the same man that coined the catchphrase, “Nepotism Rocks!”, in addition to being a complete headache that encourages all sorts of douchebaggery on National Television.

Both actors are now married to other people (duh), but this video from 2011 that surfaced recently, doesn’t make Ranveer Singh look good at all. Take a look:


We idolize the wrong people, really. Recently two of the key players on the Indian Cricket Team were sent home because of sexist comments they made on the SAME show. Like, can we cancel the show already? How is it still getting a huge audience?

I blame the newspapers. The magazines. The media, in general. Indian media is the worst. I’ve never seen one nice thing in the newspapers. The only thing people actually highlight all the time is bad news. Every agency running the show is biased and close-minded in their own ways, and it just keeps getting worse. Nobody needed to know what designers celebrities wear to award shows or who got married to whom recently. Even if they did need to know, the media coverage shouldn’t be focused on the extravaganza. Somebody please get us a newspaper that doesn’t post page three stuff on page one. I’m going mental.

Or at least, have some positive news printed on the front page. How much negativity do y’all want us to start our mornings with?