The Sadistic Dad Monologues

The Sadistic Dad Monologues

“You’re crap.

No wait, you’re LOOSE crap.

You’re dumb.

You’re a waste of space.

You’re numb.

You’re flakier than breadcrumbs.

How long do I have to support you?

How long will you make me fend for you?

How long will I mend things for you?

Shut up and get to work.

Talking to you is so hard.

You never do what your mother and I want.

Talking to you is like talking to a corpse.

You’re just getting worse.

I wish you were never born.

I wish I could have killed you when you were young.

I wish I never spent a penny on you.

You’re just an investment gone wrong.

You’re brown trash and you only ever take and you take and you play your songs.

You’re filthy.

You’re vile.

You’re disgusting.

You’re as bitter as bile.

I wish you were dead.

And if you’re dying go kill yourself outside instead.”

This isn’t fiction. I’ve seen Dads treat their daughters this way. It’s bad enough to have dreams thrust upon a girl, and to have to deal with abuse isn’t something anyone has to go through. It’s a sin.

Everyday, I see kids with bruises, something their Dads gave them earlier – because the kid failed at math, or because the dad was drunk. Everyday I see a girl cry and have her dreams crushed because she has to live her parents’ dreams and doing something else would bring shame on the family. Marrying for love? Oh my. More shame.

When will this country change?

I’m thankful that it’s not the scene in every family, and that some of us have supportive parents but I wish these girls could live happy and not have to cry because they were born female. Having said that, I need to say I love you, Dad. Thanks for not being like this.

Just birthing a child doesn’t make you a Dad or a Mum. It just makes you a procreator. What makes you an actual parent is how human you act around your children. When you become a parent, please don’t be this way.

Good day, folks.

Things A 19 Year Old Taught Me

Things A 19 Year Old Taught Me

You know, sometimes you just meet people on the Internet and you take in their personality, and you think to yourself – “Bloody hell, what an amazing soul! Wish I was more like that!”

So I met Sabhyata, a design student, on Instagram, a couple months back. If you know me at all, you’d know that I never really talk about people unless I happen to admire/love/hate them in some way. And Sabhyata, she’s taught me a lot over the past couple of months. And I’m grateful. This post is by no means a promotion of ass-kissery (is that a word?) but a genuine appreciation for a beautiful person and something very different from all the ranting I normally do.

Today, I’m going to be raving.

So, who’s Sabhyata and why should you be following her on Instagram?

• She’s organized, in a different way.

Take this nineteen year old self-taught makeup lover, who posts crisp new content everyday, every single damn day. And that’s no mean feat because she’s got school, her chores, AND her feed to keep her busy and she manages everything so flawlessly it’s like she’s almost superhuman. She’s taught me how to manage my time better.

• She’s down to earth.

When you’re growing at the speed she’s growing, the attention gets to your head. The success gets to your head. Not for Sabhyata. I was watching her Instagram live and one thing she said touched my heart so much. Someone had asked her how it felt like, to have such a good number of followers in less than a year to which she replied – “Doesn’t matter whether I have 13 k or 100 k people following me, it’ll always be you guys watching me live at 2 in the morning, and I’ll still be like this.”

Again, this girl is only nineteen. Most teenagers don’t treat other people with the amount of love she does. And she doesn’t over do it either.

Also, she responds to every question. Doesn’t send a ♥️ emoji when someone slides into her DM with legit compliments and questions, and she’s always going to take time to hold an actual decent conversation with people.

She’s taught me to have my feet planted firmly on the ground.

• Friendship.

I talked about competition the other day. Sabhyata is her own competition, biggest critic and she’s everyone’s friend. One of my favorite one liners – “You’re my friend and I won’t ever respect you. Ahah. Why would I? We’re the same. And even if you get a Nobel prize, I’ll still have you as my friend who I’ll love. Not go on and say ah I respect you.”

Total gem, you guys. Total gem.

• Quality over Quantity.

Let’s talk about how professional she is. She learns as she grows and she posts content that’s super high quality too. I guess this is where blessing your feed originated from.

If you’re into makeup and you want to know why I’ve been fangirling so much go give her a follow @palletesandpaint on Instagram.

Why I Write What I Write

Why I Write What I Write

Someone asked me where I get my inspiration for my scary blog posts. And why are all the characters psychotic. Why I’m such a wannabe. And why everything I’ve been writing since day one is twisted beyond measure.

Here’s my answer.

First off, up yours, jerk. Just because I write stuff like I do, doesn’t mean I’m looking out for ways to murder people. I’m not. And I’m not even being my usual sarcastic self. It’s just that I like my characters grey just like I’d like my martinis, if I were to ever drink some. Remember my story Just Like Leda? I’ll admit I’ve put a lot of myself into Lara. I think like that. Doesn’t make me a raging psychopath. (If you think it does, please stop reading, and get out.)

Me, really. (Image credits: Google)

I am anything but a “wannabe”. When I pick character names that aren’t Indian sounding, I don’t do it to prove anything. I just do it because it’s easier to stick with the names I pick. And that. Is. It.

I write twisted plot stories because, let’s face it, is the world even uncomplicated anymore? When was it ever?

And finally, *drumroll*, I get my inspiration from conversations with people. Just this morning I was talking to Johnny, who’s fantastic by the way, and he told me that he saw his twin – someone who looked just like him – and I immediately told him, “Hey look, you inspired a story featuring döppelgangers!” (Does anyone want me to post my döppelganger story?)

So that’s how I roll.

What inspires you?



I never read non-fiction.

So when S handed me this book called Beautiful by Katie Piper, I thought, “Meeeeeeh.” I didn’t want to read it. She insisted.

Boy, am I glad she did!

Have you ever read a book that left your skin feeling raw and pimpled with goosebumps? This one did that to me. Katie Piper used to be a model and TV presenter and then she met this guy – Danny Lynch – on Facebook and well, that was the end of it.

Now, I’ve seen acid-attack victims at work, but never as serious. I’ve never understood what they actually went through. I’d feel sad and that was it. And then I read this book yesterday, and it was nothing short of harrowing.

I was hooked. Read for four hours at a stretch, and at the end of it, I was actually crying. I can’t remember last book that made me cry as much. Maybe this was exactly why I never read non-fiction before.

There are strong women and then there’s Katie Piper.

Raped. Held captive. Vicious acid attack that would lead her to spend years in therapy, her face and her organs damaged – so badly, she needed feeding tubes and never ending stream of surgeries – and she refused to let depression claim her. And here I am, depressed over crappy stuff like an abusive Mum. My problems are trivial, and I let them get to me. Well, not anymore.

Beautiful is such an inspiration. One woman’s struggle changed the way I’ll look at things, forever.

And it restored my faith in the world of medicine – people like Dr. Jawad, an Asian surgeon specializing in the reconstructive surgeries on burn victims, are truly angels in disguise. And thank God, there are actual doctors who are not all about minting money. Whew. Just when I’d lost faith!

Also, word of advice – do not get into relationships with people on Facebook, no matter how many mutual friends you’ve got, unless you actually KNOW THE PERSON.

And now, go read that book. You’ll know what I mean. I’ve never been as touched before.