Took the time out today

To look back on my life

To reach out to people and say

I’ve missed them all this time

Been a while

Since we ventured out

Since we exchanged smiles

With the people next door

Is this how I’m meant to go

And if yes,

Why wasn’t I told before?

I’d have made changes then

But I guess it’s now too late

To fix someone’s mistake-on-purpose

That messed up our fate

We can only debate

We can only watch, and wait

With sanitizers and bated breath

As the numbers elevate

With no hope on the horizon yet

On the upside though

You can see the earth heal herself

Despite having a long way to go

Some things are falling into place

The skies are bluer, yes

The grass, legitimately revived

The wind feels like a caress

All of this has got me thinking

What if we’re the parasite

The human race, as a whole?

And this virus, Earth’s antibody armed to fight

This extortion we’ve imposed on her?

It’s all about perspective, really

So maybe if we go, we go for good

There’s more to life than likes, silly

So live the lockdown like you should

Social distancing has humbled me

Made me so grateful for all I’ve got

Love, light and happiness is all I need

So I’m going to live life with gratitude.

What’s Happening!?

What’s Happening!?

Hey guys. I’m feeling a bit sick right now. I just saw something disturbing on a reality show on TV. It’s called Savdhaan India and basically it features a new story everyday.

Today’s story was so gross, it freaked me out. I mean, everything on that show normally does, but today it was like, disgusting. Like the queen of disgusting.

It’s crazy that thousands of women are still tortured, bullied and beat up over money, or dowry, even today. And sometimes the parents are the ones egging the groom on, till he does something crazy. Today? It just took the cake, the frosting, the icing, the glacé cherries too.

Someone made a tape of pair of newly weds doing it, and they sent the CD over to their parents’ house. With a note attached, which said they’d have to pay a giant ransom or their video would be leaked. So the girl thought that her ex boyfriend did it, and went to confront him. He denied and they decided to find out who actually did make the video.

Turns out, the groom’s parents did.

Just to extort the girl into giving them cash.

Like, seriously. I can’t even. I don’t like this country anymore.

It’s one thing to annoy someone over dowry, and a whole different thing – this, watching your son have sex, through a camera lens. It’s gross. It’s hard to believe that it’s actually happening, right here in India.

What’s crazy is, people here claim to be full of good morals, and stuff, and they’re the ones being all dirty once you’ve got your back turned.

Filthy hypocrites.