The Importance Of Keeping Mum

The Importance Of Keeping Mum

“Silence seldom doth provoke.”

That’s a famous English proverb, in case you’re wondering.

Nobody remembers this, I’m pretty sure. I mean, why would anyone? It’s a free planet, right? Everyone’s got an opinion, and today, everyone else encourages you to voice it out.

How many times have YOU posted a comment online, or even a tweet, or sent someone a text, and they’d gotten triggered? Everyone gets triggered. It’s 2019, you guys, it’s a thing. I have some of the rudest people around. These people text me only when they need something, and never hesitate to treat me like I were their doormat. At some point, I would have reacted. But then, I’m a lot older now and I’m a lot more reserved. I’ve always said, that with age comes restraint. And I’ve almost gone into total listener mode, and it helps me keep my sanity.

Why is it so important to keep mum?

Well, firstly, your life stays free of hatred. Nobody would hate on you if you’d never made some statement. While it’s not wrong, per se, to make statements once in a while, it’s also not wrong to keep verbal or textual wars from happening. Know what I mean?

Sometimes I talk to people on the phone, and the talk turns political.

My brains instantly go into autopilot and I don’t say what I feel. Or I’ll sometimes zone out, while the other person rants. I’ve learned that people don’t like to listen. They only like to talk. Or to voice their own opinions, share their own thoughts. They honestly don’t really care about you or what you’re going through. Take a test and see. Call up a normal friend and try to tell them stuff you’re feeling. They’ll make some excuse and hang up. And that’s how it’s always been. Introverts, I find, are super chill. They don’t need to talk about it all. And they’re happy. The lesser you talk, the more your brain processes. The more you learn how to focus better. You can mediate easily. You’ll also be super healthy. And like I mentioned earlier, people like listeners. As you decide to stay mum, your listening skills improve, and people start to appreciate you all the more.

Go on, put yourself on mute for a whole entire day. The mute never have enemies because they never tell on anybody.

While The Amazon Stood Burning…

While The Amazon Stood Burning…

“…you posted about it on your Instagram and forgot about it. You moved on to buying into consumerism just one nanosecond later. You bought more stuff, stuff with more plastic packaging, stuff you don’t need. You hoarded things like clear backpacks and clear shoes with PVC heels because they’re trending.

And you forgot about the Earth as she lay choking.

You woke up the next day, you posted your new mani on your Instagram story. Your followers complimented you, it boosted your ego. You went on to post YouTube videos of yourself and your best friend, and your viewers complained as you wasted unnecessary amounts of paper.

And the Amazon stood burning, quickly spreading.

NASA said fires across Brazil are up sixty five percent in 2019, and that the fires could be seen from outer space. You looked at the article, and just read the headline and clicked out of it. You went on to post about your new swimsuit and how the world doesn’t accept women that look a certain way. But if being a certain way were the norm, why would you be shoving your opinion down people’s throats anyway? You went ahead and posted about lavish bathtubs and sky-diving and beautiful forests with clean air.

And carbon monoxide levels went on spiking.

What’s the point, I ask you, of all of this? Companies that pump out products in plastic cases exactly how people forcibly pump out milk from the Jersey cow – what is the point, really? Do we need you to come out with new stuff every day? Do we need a million foundation launches on the same date? While you were raking up the sales and while your numbers stood growing, you reveled and you ignored the bigger picture.

You forgot that the Amazon rainforest supplies over twenty percent of the Earth’s oxygen.

You forgot that you’re an inhabitant on this planet. You with your screwed-up priorities. All this talk about saving the Earth, when it’s really you, that needs to change your thought process. The Earth doesn’t need saving. You do. You had it all, and you ruined it. And when it’s too late, you’re demanding for a change, all this while forgetting that it’s something you’ve done. And that it’s your fault. Your opportunistic behavior, your selfishness. You as a whole.

There are no happy accidents when it comes to what you’ve done.”

Who is “you”?

All of us.

Each and every one of us, that’s brought about this whole destruction. Humans don’t deserve the Earth.

Manic Mondays: Road Rash

Manic Mondays: Road Rash

If you’ve been to Kolkata, you’d be pretty familiar with this restaurant chain called Arsalan. They’re kind of known for their biriyani and people actually still love them.

The owner’s son, Arsalan Parwez was involved in a car crash a couple days ago. The twenty two year old happened to be speeding in his Jaguar at around two in the morning, and it was raining, and he ran into a Mercedes that spun out of control and hit a couple of people, who were then pronounced dead when they were brought to the hospital. The others involved in the crash got away with several injuries.

BJP MP Roopa Ganguly’s son Akash was involved in a similar car crash only the day before. Thankfully, there were no casualties.

What was the outcome? Both Parwez and Akash were booked under Section 279 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) for rash driving. The former has also been booked under sections 304, for culpable homicide, and 427, for causing damage.

Both incidents strongly point in one direction – lack of civic sense.

I’m probably going to trigger a lot of people, but here’s why I think I have a solid point. Granted, the roads were waterlogged. Visibility is always poor when it’s raining. But on the other hand, there’s a TON that the average Indian driver is unaware of. For example, most people turn on the hazard/blinkers (four indicators) while driving in the rain. Although precautionary, you are not supposed to turn them on unless the vehicle is stationary. But people turn them on even while driving slow in the rain. If visibility is so low that you have to turn on hazard, it’s better to pull over and stop then turn on the hazard.

There’s this one other thing that’s also been bothering me. If system is so fair and if everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, why was Akash booked immediately BUT why did ten hours pass before Arsalan was arrested? Is it because of their clout? Will money continue to talk till we’re all dead and gone? This is so scary.

When youngsters drive like lunatics, despite being educated enough, it makes you wonder who’s in the wrong, really? Is this a result of bad parenting? It would have made a whole lot of sense, had these guys been minors. They are not. They’re both adults, with – and I’m assuming here – driving licenses. It’s just that sometimes people end up misusing what they’ve got. Drinking and driving. Speeding. Hit and run cases, among other things.

My point is, just drive and let drive.

What Would It Take For You to Stop?

What Would It Take For You to Stop?

Sometimes it bothers me. Quite a lot. People, you know? All of them wearing the country’s colors, celebrating Independence Day. Getting drunk and contributing to plastic waste. Zero awareness. Not quite giving a damn to anything that’s happening in the country. Bashing other people, without actively doing something about contributing to the country.

What are we, really? Are we part of incredible India? Yes, India is incredible. Or at least, it used to be. But now? We’re more of “sin”credible.

The first thing you’d see if you were to ever read the paper would be news of some rape. Some murder. Some bribery. Some fight. In a country where the front page news – stuff that people wake up to – is chock filled with negativity, what else would you expect? Are we even independent? No. Women are at risk everyday. Babies.

I read about this security guard that raped five year olds at the school he worked for. People often ask me why I won’t think about having children right away, and this is precisely why I won’t. If your child’s school cannot provide security, where is your child safe, indeed? I read about this man that pawned away his wife and when he lost the gamble, allowed other men to gang rape the woman. India holds the title of the rape capital of the world, and I’m so ashamed.

A twenty five year old kidnapped a sleeping nine month old baby girl and sexually molested her, and the girl was brought dead to hospital. This guy is a millennial. And it’s scary to see that a some millennials are screwed in this country.

What would it take for people in India to stop being this way? When would this behavior stop!? And if it doesn’t stop, it’s going to get alarming. The path to our own self-inflicted destruction, it’s burning ominously bright.

Little Miss Bridey

Little Miss Bridey

She’s getting married, to the love of her life. The parents-in-law are lovely, the guy divine.

She’s the only child, apparently spoiled rotten. To outside world, she seems happy as she gets ready for the wedding in autumn.

But deep down, on the inside, she’s empty. Her soul, her feelings, her heart is as sad as it could be.

She wanted a small wedding, the guest list keeps getting longer. She feels her depression growing stronger.

Past mistakes and past problems, they keep her awake at night. She tries to fight it, to resist the darkness with all her might.

But does any of that ever work? No way. Life’s never been unfair to her, she’s never had one single good day.

People assume she’s happy, that her father’s loaded. They don’t know when their words turned explosive.

She can’t take it anymore and she writes a note. They find her next morning, with the goodbye in blood on the floor that she wrote.

50 Word Story: House-Plant

50 Word Story: House-Plant

She runs into her ex at the mall. She’s buying new luggage. It’s awkward but they say hi anyway.

“That’s some fancy stuff! Traveling somewhere?”

“We’re starting a travel blog!”

“So the workaholic finally got married to the house-plant, woo!”

He walks away, breaking her all over again.

30 Thoughts.

30 Thoughts.

1. This is turning into such a long summer.

2. And it also rains like crazy at times, what a bummer.

3. Raindrops on sunroofs look really cool.

4. I almost slipped while walking today, I’m such a fool.

5. Texting and texting back is so exhausting, I’m tired of people.

6. Also, why are these kids all over Tik Tok, is that even legal?

7. August is almost here, you guys, and I’ve done nothing with my life.

8. Hold that thought – I did cut my hand this morning while using the knife.

9. We don’t give patient people enough credit.

10. Also, people talk way too much crap on Reddit.

11. I’m upset that Indians traveling abroad are in the news for the wrong reasons.

12. There’s a viral video of people stealing things in Bali. It’s almost indecent.

13. Consumerism happens to be the bane of most people’s existence.

14. And I just realized that people only like to talk, they never listen.

15. Space is important. It doesn’t make a person snobbish or rude, in any way.

16. Why do workouts become addictive? I’m so hooked, I can’t miss a day.

17. Eating healthy actually makes you age slower, or maybe it’s a myth, maybe placebo, but I’m feeling it.

18. Have you guys seen Bakhar Nabieva? Her abs are lit.

19. My grandma used to say otherwise, but twitchy eyes are a result of inadequate sleep.

20. Your sanity is yours to keep.

21. It’s crazy how so many Indians can’t make proper tea.

22. Speaking of tea, there are so many variants of it, it’s fascinating.

23. I want to go to Florence, someday soon.

24. It would be cool to be someplace there and see the European moon.

25. Watermelon and vanilla ice cream make an excellent summer drink.

26. Are you guys into Little Mix? Those girls can sing.

27. Too many people are talking about Area 51, I wonder what’s really going on in there?

28. Ooh, ginger juice and castor oil mixed in together into a tonic is so good for your hair.

29. It’s crazy to me that the last time I was on a train, it was actually 2009.

30. Also, my blog is almost five. Can’t believe it’s still alive.

50 Word Story: Closure

50 Word Story: Closure

Locals found a body at the bottom of the creek on an unusually dull Autumn morning.

The young man had no ID, but he did have a note in his pocket, which read:

“I fell apart, you kept your composure. This was the only way I could give myself closure.”



It says “wifey” right there on my Instagram bio. That never stopped a bunch of guys from sliding into my DMs because they wanted to tap that. Do these people NOT have parents? Do basic manners not exist in 2019?

Apparently not.

I ran an Instagram social experiment and paid to boost one of my posts. This is the photo I “boosted”.

As you can tell, there’s no skin show. Just my hands, my face and my phone. My phone isn’t showing any skin, either. I’m not someone that ever wears clothing that shows a ton of cleavage or arms. I’m not someone that even has a bikini body to begin with, so I don’t wear bikinis. And despite being so covered up, stuff like this didn’t hesitate to show up.

India has this rampant rape culture and my photo is PROOF in the pudding, that it’s not about what you’re wearing. You could be in a potato sack and your hair could be a greasy mess, and you would still get objectified and propositioned to, even flashed. There have been no naked photos in my DMs – yet – and I consider myself very lucky.

What does all of this mean?

That there’s something seriously wrong with India. If you happen to be a woman, you will be – invariably – treated as meat. There will be human versions of rabid wolves fighting to sink their teeth into your skin. To claim and to maim. To destroy, pilfer and damage beyond repair.

I hate to think of what would happen if I posted a photo of mine from my workout sessions.

And it’s terrifying to me that WOMEN, and sometimes men, have to live in constant fear of the possibly of getting attacked if they don’t go into hiding. The whole social experiment proves that it’s not about how you’re posing on your Insta, it’s not about how you talk, it’s got nothing to do with your personality – you’re basically just someone’s meat. And that’s the bitter truth.

This is what scares me to death.

When Did The “BODY POSITIVITY” Movement Get Hijacked?

When Did The “BODY POSITIVITY” Movement Get Hijacked?

I’ve been seeing a lot of “body positivity” posts that are promoting plain simple obesity to be honest.

It is one hundred percent okay to love yourself but it’s kinda wrong, you know, to stuff yourself and never get any exercise. I know people that follow unhealthy lifestyles, and fall prey to diseases like hypertension and diabetes type two. They justify their behavior and call themselves curvy and they’re leading you to believe that morbid obesity is the new normal.

When I think of body positivity, the first thought that comes to mind is accepting yourself, all of your imperfections. Albinism. Crooked teeth. Heterochromia. Freckles. Birth marks. Unibrows. Everything you were born with. Body positivity doesn’t mean making yourself unhealthy by neglecting yourself and taking a drum to the streets, announcing that being morbidly obese is the new normal. There’s a lot of obese people all over – sporting beer bellies, with BMIs that are over thirty, and having to battle things like atherosclerosis, because they INSIST on eating pizza every day rather than choose something healthy. They’d rather go drinking every weekend, than actually hit the gym to stay in shape. And they body-shame people that run Instagram fitness accounts. And they have hijacked the body positivity movement and they are now insisting that being unhealthy is super cool because that’s what being curvy looks like. I beg to differ. Here’s what curvy looks like:

And she’s far from being fat or unhealthy.

As opposed to this:

Your heart is only programmed to pump so much, don’t make it overwork and don’t kill yourself. How hard is that? It’s so important to cut back on alcohol and sugar, both of which do zilch for your body. I feel so strongly about this only because I used to be overweight and I was super unhealthy. But now that I’ve changed my eating habits and made a lot of lifestyle changes, I actually feel and look good. And it makes me happy.

What’s your take on this? Do you think the body positive movement has somehow been hijacked by the over-promotion of obesity?