Fitness In The Time Of Corona

Fitness In The Time Of Corona

Admit it: there have been a million times when you’ve complained that the gym was too crowded. Or that people had zero hygiene in there. And that you felt weird working out in front of other people. And you ended up not going in for your fitness sessions while that membership you bought died a slow, unmemorable death. Admit it.

And then the Corona Pandemic struck and you told your friends: I was supposed to start working out tomorrow, duuuuuuuude, but the stupid gym’s closed! And you went ahead, plonked your laptop on to your lap, put on your earphones and started binge watching FRIENDS all over again, while the bags of chips and soda bottles accumulated rather nastily on the floor. Admit it.

The thing is, you can’t blame a pesky virus for neglecting your fitness goals. Remember the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? I’ll go to the gym five days a week. I’ll eat quinoa and kale and snack on berries when I’m hungry. I’ll give up on alcohol and sugar and trans fat. Remember that? No, right? Everything has flown out of the window, and it didn’t even take a day of Coronavirus situation.

In order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, we’re all staying indoors. Some of us are panic-buying provisions. Some of us are eating too much at a go. Many people are drinking WAY too much and smoking joints and they seem to have forgotten that it’s just as bad to have lung cancer. I mean, YOLO, right? Wrong. Our lifestyle has gone from varying forms of active to one hundred percent sedentary. Which means that if you’re someone who, let’s say, is on a fifteen hundred calorie per day allowance with a three hundred calorie burn allowance, you’re actually just adding the whole calorie budget, AND THEN SOME, into your body since you’re not getting any exercise. That sentence was a mouthful but you need to know that I feel very strongly about this.

I know it’s hard to resist food during times like this. Specially when you’ve gone out of your way and hoarded everything, including other people’s share. You eventually end up stress-eating because WFH feels more like WTF and you legit. Cannot. Stop. Eating. And despite all my preaching *heh heh* I’m honestly no saint, either. At the same time, I don’t want to emerge from the quarantine looking like this:

NOT that it’s bad or gross to look like that, but I don’t want central obesity, heart attack and I know how terrible the hospital situation is, globally. So, issa no. I’m trying my best to stay fit without feeling the need to depend on outdoor or gym activities, and I’m not doing much, not really, but I feel like it’s the little things:

• Limiting calorie intake: It’s been a week since I’ve gone into complete self-isolation with the husband, and I’ve reduced my calorie intake by about one-third of my everyday calorie allowance. Do I feel good about myself? No, not really. But is my body working fine? Yes. No paunches reported.

• Home workouts: That yoga mat and Chloe Ting and lightweight dumbbells are coming in handy. Chloe posts a bunch of workout videos that are super easy to follow, while being super effective at the same time. Here’s the link to her two-week shredding programs – She also posts meal plans that are super filling – I’ve tried a few of them, and they work.

When NOTHING works, you can actually walk around in your living room. It’s the little things, it’s always the little things.

• Doing my chores – This brings me to my last point. Mopping the floors and doing the dishes, doing the laundry and climbing up a bunch of stairs, actually sweeping the floor instead of asking your cleaning lady to do it, burns a crap ton of calories. Belly today, washboard tomorrow. Thanks to the pocha. Thanks to the Corona Pandemic, I’ve also been hydrating like a fish. Just water, I promise you, works wonders.

At this point I can’t even laugh at my own jokes anymore. I’m petrified of what’s happening. Staying in and doing chores and making sure I am not a reason for the spread has put a lot of thought into perspective. Human life is so fragile and the worst part is we ruin things by not following protocol. Or caring about things. It’s a pandemic of epic proportions and each one of us needs to be responsible. And you don’t need me to tell you this, but for YOUR sake, stay home and stay safe. On that note…

How are you staying fit during these dark times?

Health Supplements 101

Health Supplements 101

Disclaimer: I am by no means a registered dietitian/nutritionist, but I have been into supplements for a while now. This stuff has worked for me and I thought it would be helpful to people that actually want to know about a few dietary supplements that do the job. Having said that, if you’re someone that has health issues, for example, kidney disorders, I would strongly recommend you see your GP first.

Also, major thanks to the significant other for a ton of valuable input.

Let’s say you work out five days a week. You’ve been consistent with your routine. BUT, you don’t see results. There could be a few things that you’re doing wrong – one of them would be NOT eating right. The other one would be giving your body enough break, but that’s something we won’t get into in this post. I like to incorporate a few things into my diet, and I’ll talk about them briefly below.

• L-Carnitine:

L-Carnitine, an amino acid, has strong antioxidant properties. It helps transport fat as a source of energy to your mitochondria and the antioxidant properties enable the cells to get rid of metabolic waste. It helps burn body fat and lets the cells use fat as primary source of energy instead of carbs. It was first obtained from meat extracts way back in 1905 – the name carnitine is derived from the Latin word “carnus“, meaning flesh. Since I don’t eat red meat (the redder the meat, the better in this case), I choose to take L-Carnitine.

L-Carnitine comes in capsule form which you can take post a heavy breakfast. Either take two a day post meals, if you’re working out extensively. I just take one a day.

Whey protein:

Whey concentrate has a bioavailability score of 104 (egg is your next best bet with a score of 100). The body is able to absorb it quickly and is able to transport to site of injury (muscles) to help begin repair quickly. It helps boost immune system as well. Whey is thermogenic, thereby aiding in fat loss and building up of the muscle. Whey isolate has a bioavailability of 159.

A scoop or 30 grams of whey concentrate mixed into 200 mils of chilled water post your workout routine is amazing. As you keep at it and fall into rhythm, your body will get into a habit and you’ll notice a huge difference.


Collagen is produced by body, but not in large quantities. The exogenous consumption helps boost collagen stores which in turn improves skin, hair, nail and joint health.

A scoop or eight grams of collagen mixed into your whey protein shake will do the job. You should see results in thirty days.*

• Fish Oil Capsules:

Fish oil is of two types – cod liver oil and normal fish oil, which has oil from an assortment of fishes. Fish oil has more omega 3. Cod liver oil is a good balance of vitamins A and D, EPA and DHA and is easily absorbed and easier to mass produce, plus has lesser mercury toxicity than regular fish oil. (This is best avoided if you’re on Isotretinoin.)

I take two capsules a day post breakfast.

• Biotin:

Biotin or vitamin B is a water soluble vitamin which helps improve the infrastructure of Keratin, the basic protein that makes up your skin, nails and hair. Biotin is available in a lot of food that you eat on the daily, like egg yolk and bananas and certain nuts, but with someone that’s losing hair faster than you could say Jack Robinson, I need my supplements.

I take one tablet after breakfast, everyday. I’m hoping to be blessed with Rapunzel-like tresses soon.

* Results may vary from person to person, obviously.

Do you take any supplements? Have you seen results?

I’ve Been Sticking To A Routine, And…

I’ve Been Sticking To A Routine, And…

Before we start, can you guys believe it’s September already? Life’s totally like toilet paper, and it seems to unroll faster as you start nearing the end. I don’t know where I read that, but it’s so true.

It’s currently 5:31 in the morning here in India. I’m a pretty early riser and I don’t give Sundays a miss. I’ve been sticking to a routine for the past couple of months and I’ve noticed major changes. Major. So, does sticking to a semi-strict or strict schedule work? Yes, a hundred percent. Here’s how –


I’ve noticed that I, as well as people around me, tend to be irritable if we don’t get enough sleep. This problem could easily be solved by forcing your body and mind to adapt to a routine and sticking to it. Consistency is key, and we often forget that. Fixing your own biological clock is way more important anything else.

And now that I give my body a good six hours of sleep, I’m doing great.


I used to have this really awful breakfast habits. Sometimes I would even skip a meal because I thought it was okay. And I’d often forget to drink water.

It’s been a few months since I’ve turned my schedule around and I make sure to eat before 9 in the morning. Plus, I’ve cut back completely on coffee and sugar and I don’t drink water between meals. I actually use this app that reminds me to log in my water intake. I love that.

Do I notice a difference? Yes. I don’t really get the munchies anymore. There’s also zero indigestion problems. Go me!


I’m upset because I have good skin, said no one ever. People with good skin often take care of it and eat just right. For the rest of us, with skin problems like dehydration or acne, a skincare routine is key.

I started wearing moisturizer and sunscreen everyday. I mask twice a week. And then I use a sheet mask once a week. I also exfoliate twice a week and again, drink water like a thirsty fish. I’ve also stopped wearing way too much makeup on the daily – I don’t need to anymore – and it’s made me realize that if your skincare game is at level 1000, you don’t even need to wear any makeup at all. Men in my family with great skin don’t wear makeup but they do have a skincare routine – and no it’s not elaborate at all – and it works for them.

I’m still starting out properly, but I know I’ll have amazing results.


I’ve been following @chloe_t‘s workouts for a while now, and she has these amazing programs that are all free. She’s got ab workouts, arm workouts and everything else that you might need. Also, these workouts are beginner friendly and you can join in on her challenges. Super effective, trust me.

Six days of workouts a week, based on her calendar schedules, have actually toned my body up considerably. All because I’ve been consistently following a routine and I don’t deviate from it.

Do you follow a schedule?

WTF Wednesday – #21

WTF Wednesday – #21

Apparently, monkeys aren’t the only ones that have a vendetta against me that happens to be the size of all the Kardashian butts combined. Since dogs have joined the club.

Welcome to this week’s WTF Wednesday and for once this ish ain’t funny. 

I’ll get straight to the point. I mentioned yesterday about how a fellow blogger recommend the Concrete Angel song to me and how December didn’t start as beautifully as it was supposed to. So. Well.

I got chased by two stray dogs while I was doing my warm up jog. And I was on the phone with John and talking books and TV shows, normal and random things blogger pals talk about, when I felt something wet and pointy against my calf. When I looked down, it was a drooling black Devil dog, trying to bite/lick/make out with my leg, y’all.

This situation isn't even funny.

I think I screamed loud enough to puncture John’s eardrums. I’m so sorry Johnny, I didn’t mean to be a banshee. But you see, there was a Devil dog attacking me!

I’ve never run so fast in my life. And what’s scary is there were people at the park. They saw me scream and run. Argh!

Thank God for kind people, though.
This kindly old gentlemen explained to me that the doggies only wanted to lick my facie (face). And maybe if I had bickie (biscuit) with me it would be okay! And he shooed the dog away. I thanked him profusely while sweating profusely as well, for ten whole minutes while John heard the whole entire conversion (read: screaming and heart attack) and laughed like a madman at my sorry butt.

He’s a meanie. I believe I need new blogger besties.

And for Christmas, I want eyes on the back of my head so doggies and piggies and monkeys don’t attack me. When I got home I asked my hyper critical mum if I smell like food or socks or anything that might attract stray animals. She literally ROFLTAO**-ed for what seemed like forever and finally calmed down to reassure me that I don’t.

Which is confusing because I smell nice and things come at me. I’m never going back to that park again. I’ll find a new place to jog in. Such a sad life.

**ROFLTAO – Rolling on the floor laughing that arse off.

November Recap/ Favorites!

November Recap/ Favorites!

Well, hello, December.

My favorite month of the year is finally here! (Even though it started on a bad note, which I will talk about in my WTF Wednesday tomorrow, so be sure to stay tuned – you don’t wanna miss that!)

Now. Let’s talk November recap and favorites, shall we?

I’ve been reading all the old books I own and I’ve fallen in love with Wodehouse all over again. How can you stay upset when you have Wodehouse nailing it on the head when it comes to quintessential British humor? Me likey! The one I read last was Weekend Wodehouse, in case anyone was wondering and Preet sent me this fancy, washable book cover so I just HAD to pretty a book (Casual Vacancy) up. Only makes sense, right?

Never fails to cheer me up!

Next up, music. I’ve been working out a lot lately too. And good music is a must. I’ve got Concrete Angel by Gareth Emery on loop. Johnny actually told me he used to train to this song, so I thought I’d give it a try too. And it is SO GOOD.

Moving on, I’m yet to shake off my addiction to chicken tikka salad. Somebody stop me.

It gets really dry during this time of the year and if I don’t hydrate and stay moisturized, I look like a zombie wearing some crap foundation that happened to be ten shades lighter. Which is why I slather my face in Vitamin E. I feel like The Body Shop really KNOW their skincare. The Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream I’ve been using actually works wonders. Speaking of face creams, what is the correct age to start wearing anti-wrinkle products? 

I’ve stopped wearing foundation lately because I’m lazy and that’s too much work. I’ve been using this BB cream from Etude House instead and holy moly, it makes me so glowy!

I love my body butters and I’ve been loving this one called Sheer Love by Victoria’s Secret and oh my goodness, it makes your skin so soft and satiny and I can’t stop raving about this stuff. Just. So. Good. It’s got shea butter in it, and that’s me sold.

Y’all know I’m practically a lipstick hobo so, I need to show my lips extra love. The stuff I’m using right now is a scrub by Lush, and a tinted lip balm by Sugar Rosé. It comes with SPF 15 too, so win-win!


Moving on to my makeup favorites,  I can’t get enough of the Shadow Couture| World Traveler Palette Anastasia Beverly Hills. I love my Urban Decay palettes but this Anastasia one has SOMETHING I can’t explain. So darn good!

Also on the list of current obsessions: single eyeshadow from Cargo in the shade Colombia. Such a gorgeous dark matte brown. Also the perfect shade for my brows. Sweet baby Jesus.

I switched to Lorac POREfection mattifying face primer and I actually like this better than Benefit’s Porefessional.

I had no idea how good the Tarte brushes were before I got my hands on this bronzer/ blush brush and it’s pure gorgeousness!

Speaking of blush, I’ve been loving the Colour Pop ones. My favorite would be Ex from the Rebound quad I reviewed earlier. That name though. Hahha. If my ex(es) were blushes, I doubt they’d be half as pretty. (Totally unnecessary but I can’t help it sometimes.)

I have two lipstick favorites: Audrey by Nars, my perfect fall color and Marc Jacobs J’adore. Such a beautiful neutral lipstick. Also, I do have a holiday favorites post on neutral lipstick queued up, where I have a swatchfest going.


So that concludes my November favorites; tell me about all the stuff you’ve been loving and I hope y’all had a good month!

Oooh, did y’all finish your Christmas shopping? How pretty is your tree? Tell me all!

Oh. Em. Eff. Gee.

Oh. Em. Eff. Gee.

I am fat. I am FAT!

I can’t look at my toes anymore. Remember all those hot chocolate rolls I’ve gotten drunk on these past few months? Well, they’ve translated into several fat rolls. Of epic proportions. And oh God, they are everywhere!

So what did I do to lose weight?

I went running at the crack of dawn. In the biggest tracksuit I could find in my closet. This particular tracksuit I’m talking about is from the 70s era. As in when I weighed seventy kilos.

And of course I texted several people about how fat I’ve gotten. (I can only imagine how much they cursed me in their heads, while being all supportive and assuring me, over and over again that I am NOT FAT. But I didn’t believe them. Of course.)

Soon as I got back, I managed to stick my head in the fridge and inhale some ice-cream and a donut.

And then my lovely friend sent me this message.

This was yesterday. Today I'm going to get a photo of a toothpick. I'm sure.

Also, did you know that half the people who own salons around here are superbly uneducated? Which can only mean one thing: OMG THEY HAVEN’T BEEN TO BEAUTY SCHOOLS!!!!! THEY PROBABLY CAN’T READ LABELS. THEY ARE GONNA GET YOU. YOUR SKIN WILL DIE A TRAGIC DEATH.

Not to mention, your hair.

Spotted on a tree-trunk, on my way back home this morning. I simply could NOT resist sharing this.

Okay. I’m gonna calm down now. Thank goodness for this sign pinned to this tree. I am never going to this buity parlor. Ever. Have you ever been attacked by crazy salon people and ended up with half an eyebrow missing? It’s happened to someone I know.

Only in PigSty y’all. Only in PigSty.