I never read non-fiction.

So when S handed me this book called Beautiful by Katie Piper, I thought, “Meeeeeeh.” I didn’t want to read it. She insisted.

Boy, am I glad she did!

Have you ever read a book that left your skin feeling raw and pimpled with goosebumps? This one did that to me. Katie Piper used to be a model and TV presenter and then she met this guy – Danny Lynch – on Facebook and well, that was the end of it.

Now, I’ve seen acid-attack victims at work, but never as serious. I’ve never understood what they actually went through. I’d feel sad and that was it. And then I read this book yesterday, and it was nothing short of harrowing.

I was hooked. Read for four hours at a stretch, and at the end of it, I was actually crying. I can’t remember last book that made me cry as much. Maybe this was exactly why I never read non-fiction before.

There are strong women and then there’s Katie Piper.

Raped. Held captive. Vicious acid attack that would lead her to spend years in therapy, her face and her organs damaged – so badly, she needed feeding tubes and never ending stream of surgeries – and she refused to let depression claim her. And here I am, depressed over crappy stuff like an abusive Mum. My problems are trivial, and I let them get to me. Well, not anymore.

Beautiful is such an inspiration. One woman’s struggle changed the way I’ll look at things, forever.

And it restored my faith in the world of medicine – people like Dr. Jawad, an Asian surgeon specializing in the reconstructive surgeries on burn victims, are truly angels in disguise. And thank God, there are actual doctors who are not all about minting money. Whew. Just when I’d lost faith!

Also, word of advice – do not get into relationships with people on Facebook, no matter how many mutual friends you’ve got, unless you actually KNOW THE PERSON.

And now, go read that book. You’ll know what I mean. I’ve never been as touched before.