To The Woman That Raised My Significant Other

To The Woman That Raised My Significant Other

I just wanted to take time out and write this because I feel like nobody appreciates the mothers-in-law as much. But I do. Women grow up watching overly dramatic Indian soap operas and think weird stuff and it becomes a self-funding prophecy. But I know for a fact that it’s not true. Mothers-in-law are very much human and contrary to what the Indian television and Monster In Law tell you, they’re most certainly NOT evil. Even my ex had the nicest mum ever.

Where does the hostility come from? Pretty much where it usually comes from – communication gap. You have issues with your ma-in-law? Talk to her. Unless you get to know someone better, you’d never know what they’re like. You’ll only see what you want to see and it’s only one side of the whole thing. Too much prejudice and too little appreciation make the worst combo, ever. With all that being said, I want to dedicate this whole post to the woman that raised my man.

I remember the day that we first met. I was skeptical. I was sure that she wouldn’t like me because my ex used to tell me all the time about what a horrible woman I really was. When someone breaks you, you tend to think that you’re supposed to stay broken and that you’re meant to rot because that’s what you deserve. During the whole drive to see my prospective mum-in-law, I kept playing the worst scenarios in my head. My man kept telling me that it would be just fine but I had a lump in my throat that refused to go away.

We met at a coffee shop. You know how you look at a person, and you fall in love with their personality instantly? I felt that. She was beautiful and she wore a simple peach saree and zero makeup and she was stunning. I’d thought she wouldn’t warm up to me but she warmed up to me after only a few moments of awkwardness over the amount of unnecessary sugar in my drink. That’s how comfortable she made me. As I watched her exchange banter with her son, my man, I knew instantly that I was blessed. There had been roadblocks when it came to talking to my own mum about my feelings, but there were zero roadblocks when it came to conversing with my mum-in-law. And that’s when I realized why my man was so perfect – that was because he was raised right. I looked at my mum-in-law and I almost burst into happy tears. We were the perfect fit. Instantly.

She’s kind. She’s good. She’s, most importantly, an empath. She has the best hugs, the kindest smile, she has a heart of gold. She’s home away from home. She’s a gem, and I’m truly very lucky. She texts me when I’m away and she sends memes. She’s always there when I need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. She’s so good, I knew from day one I wouldn’t be missing my own home like crazy because she’d ensure everything was comfortable enough for me.

I hope when she reads this, she knows I think of her a lot. Happy Mother’s Day to her, and all the other mothers-in-law out there. I know you guys think you’re never appreciated but trust me – you are. I love you, MIL.

WTF Wednesday: STOP Doing That!

WTF Wednesday: STOP Doing That!

• You stalk someone on Twitter. You find what they’re up to, you don’t like what they’re doing, and you subtweet. Don’t. It doesn’t concern you, and you need to keep your opinions to yourself. Remember the Gurgaon incident? It didn’t fly well.

• You see a cute person of the opposite gender, you decide to slide into their DMs. You send in a human eggplant or a cooch or a titty photo. Don’t do that. Many people are now immune to the charms of the naked human body, because they’ve seen FAR too much already. It’s all out there for the world to see. Sometimes, being shrouded in mystery helps. Now I’m not saying it’s wrong to want to make a child with someone, it’s just wrong to force it on them. Don’t. Stay classy, how hard is that?

• You see a woman with a rather revealing bikini on, don’t leave hate comments. Don’t. If you’ve got nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.

• Don’t bash your ex. Don’t bash your ex online. Or offline. Or to your new girl/boyfriend. That ish gets tiring and offensive and kind of headache-inducing after a while. Trust me on that. Grandma knows best.

• Lastly, what’s with your embarrassing IG TV videos? Nobody wants to die of tympanic membrane rupture and cerebral hemorrhage that your painfully inaccurate tips give people. You wanna post videos, do your research. Simple.

Happy hump day, folks.

Frandma’s Guide to Blogging

Frandma’s Guide to Blogging

I know that nobody’s asked for this. BUT it’s also a lazy Tuesday afternoon and LilRant ain’t LilRant till someone’s ranted their brains out.

• Back in the day, blogging used to be about impeccable grammar, with multiple proof-readings and meaningfully constructed sentences. It didn’t include the use of emojis at all. Maybe a few emoticons here and there, but that was IT. Who died and made these random people the lords of blogging with their own set of headless chicken rules? WHO USES EMOJIS in blogs? Point is: Don’t emoji-fy. Only GIPHY.

• You’re not Kylie Jenner and nobody is interested in knowing the contents of your handbag. If there’s a lot of people (I’m talking at least a hundred of your social media followers) asking, DO a post. Don’t blog about trending ideas because that’s what people are talking about. You’re not trying to fit in. You’re trying to stand out.

• Don’t over-punctuate. If, you do that, it doesn’t, really, let your readers, understand, what the heck, is going, on. See what I mean? Not only is it terribly annoying, it’s also very un-sexy.

• I’ve been here since 2015. It’s a long time, you know? You’ve to be consistent, even if you’re hella opinionated. Blogging essentially includes giving a lot of unsolicited advice and everyone knows it – so make sure you do it without shoving your opinions down people’s throats. Nobody likes that.

• Get a planner, preferably something that you’ll actually use and not just add to your massive stationery collection. Carry it with you in your bag. DO write down whatever you think is going to make a good post, for the week. That way, you’ll have a lot of ideas to pick from and work with. Planning is key. Divide your blog into segments if possible. Makes it so much easier.

• Ooh and a tiny secret: list-y posts do a lot better than solid chunky blocks of text do.