About Me

Welcome to my blog!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who thinks that these ‘About Me’ pages are the hardest to do. I mean, there’s so much to say and how do you even say that without sounding totally narcissistic? Yikes.


I’m Suchie. Hi. I’m a med-school grad and I’ve been blogging here for the past five years now. Five. Still seems so crazy to me. I’ve also recently gotten hitched, which totally inspires the lifestyle blogs that I sometimes like to write. Pre-Corona, I actually liked to live vicariously though travel Instagrams. Don’t do that anymore because travel isn’t an option right now, really.

In the last few decades of my life, I’ve tried to:

β€’ go vegan

β€’ take up extreme sports

β€’ go back to med-school to do my residency

…and changed my mind. A million times over.

A lot of my posts take inspiration from college and my active doctor days. That was fun phase, now that I look back on those days, med school. I’m a huge fan of listy posts, so you’ll see a bit of those on my blog. I also do some dark fiction. My current WIP is a medical thriller – which is going okay, but I’m too scared to publish it.

Update: That medical thriller has been on hold since forever and I don’t even know what I’m doing. *insert miserable face*

Also, a tiny warning: I sometimes only just rant.

A little more about me? Um, okay. I’m Bengali Indian and I adore books that have a strong female lead. And if that lead happens to be ‘psychotic’ like Amy Eliott Dunne from Gone Girl, oooh JOY. This incidentally also inspires most of the fiction that I sometimes write. I’ve recently discovered Lucy Foley and I can’t stop raving. She’s so good. I’m also big on communicating with my fellow bloggers. (Trying not to be a blog snob.) What else? Okay – I LOVE DYNASTY, the reboot. If you watch that show, hit me up, and we will be best friends. πŸ˜›

Five random facts:

β€’ I share my birthday with George Michael, RIP. June 25th. Not the year. I hate birthdays and I’ve done at least two posts – as of now – complaining about it.

β€’ Munchkin cats and Corgis are my newest obsessions.

β€’ I’m deathly afraid of motorcycles because I was almost run over by one.

β€’ I have zero tattoos. Secretly want to get one, but that’s where my needle phobia kicks in.

β€’ I’m the grandma of the group and everyone thinks of me as a shoulder to cry on. Most days, I love that.

If you’ve actually reached the end of this post, wow. And thank you SO much for stopping by, and for reading the whole thing. You’re a kind soul. Wear that mask, wear those gloves, practice social-distancing (SO IMPORTANT, but you’re welcome to socialize online) and stay safe!