It’s 2020. You Can’t Say Stuff Like This.

It’s 2020. You Can’t Say Stuff Like This.

1. You’re too fat/thin. Lose/gain some weight.

First of all, just because you claim to be someone’s well-wisher doesn’t necessarily mean you can go ahead and comment on their weight. It doesn’t matter if you’re family, or a stranger, or a friend. As long as the other person is healthy and feeling fine and feeling FIT, you’ve got zero say in what the weighing scale should say.

Secondly, you don’t know what the other person has gone through. You don’t know their struggle on their path to fitness. Just because they don’t look a certain way to you, doesn’t mean they aren’t doing great. Trust me, they’re doing great and they’d do better without a bunch of unsolicited opinions.

2. It’s so hard to talk to you, you’re gonna call me out on social media.

Um, okay.

Maybe if the conversation was nice and healthy and didn’t involve a lot of character dissections, we could all learn to hold a damn conversation instead of posting about it somewhere online.

Just because you’ve got more experience or just because you say you’re older, doesn’t essentially make you right all the time.

3. We are parents. We know better.


We’re a constantly evolving species. We didn’t have access to internet back in the day. We didn’t know what was going on with the rest of the world and we didn’t have the voices we now do. And just because you’re the parent, doesn’t mean you’re right or you know better all the time.

Sometimes a three-year-old could teach you valuable life lessons too.

Sometimes your teenager could teach you the value of deep thoughts.

And sometimes, your full-grown adult son could teach you the application of philosophy better than you’d ever know how.

4. We bless you so you can give us good news soon.

This happens a lot in India.

In a country that’s basically choking under the weight of overpopulation, where certain cities are expanding vertically due to lack of land space, people still want to populate and keep at it till it’s a huge irreversible mess.

Also, why does the concept of a certain “good news” still exist in 2020? Your kid still has a job and a roof to live under, despite the pandemic. There’s good food on the table. Isn’t that “good news” enough?

Why must you – as parents specially – talk about the end result of bumping uglies ALL THE TIME? Aren’t you the same set of people that frowned upon the concept of sex and treated it as something oh-so-shameful all the while? For the last time, people in 2020 don’t get married to produce a whole bunch of kids alone. Childbirth and child-rearing aren’t the only components of this endgame, and people DO (surprise, surprise) get married for things that are almost alien to you – things like companionship and having someone’s back. And vice-versa.

So for the last time, go ahead and bless your married kids with good health and prosperity. The decision of baby-making lie with them and them alone. And it’s not the end of the world if there are no babies in the mix.

5. OMG. That girl has infertility. I feel so bad.

PCOD and infertility are both sensitive topics and you need to show a little more kindness to people who suffer from it. Genuine kindness, not the fake stuff you pull for the benefit of literally NO one.

At the same time, you need to realize that it’s high time we normalized stuff. Health issues don’t send prior notices many times, they just drop by.

6. That kid is so un-sanskaari, she drinks and sleeps around with people. Hawww.

Drinking doesn’t make someone a bad person and pre-marital sex is a choice. As long as someone’s not harming YOU, you need to quit judging what other people are doing with their lives.

Peace out.