More Reflections Via A Block Of Text.

More Reflections Via A Block Of Text.

It’s been weeks since I’ve actually sat down to write something. Writer’s block is painfully real, you guys.

This would actually be the last month that I get to stay here, at home, before I relocate for good. Home? Wait, what? What even is that? Where even is home? I remember being in med school and feeling more alive than I’d ever felt back when I was living with family. I came from privilege – but with privilege, specially in families like mine, comes a total absence of affection and acceptance. To be elitists was all they strived to be. 

I grew up feeling unwanted and unloved. Feeling. I cannot emphasize on that enough.

My family doesn’t do hugs or cuddles or the occasional pats on the back. None of that. You get harsh critique, judgmental behavior and you get body-shamed right from the start. I remember aunts saying I had a flat head and a monkey face with frog eyes and that I wouldn’t find someone to love. This frog-eye bit is getting too old but they won’t stop. A certain cousin was instrumental in making sure I chose the science stream after the tenth boards. Nobody asked what I wanted – they made every choice for me. Given a chance, I would have taken up humanities and gone on to pursue English lit in college. I’d have actually been someone. Done some good. I’m not complaining, just talking about things I honestly regret. Yes, there’s nothing I can do about it, but I wanted to get it off my chest. I don’t have an outlet, really. My blog is public and I’ve to post safe because I can’t hurt people’s sentiments. Right?

I don’t know when clinical depression seeped into my pores but I remember being fourteen and waking up one morning actually feeling like a loser. So I took a look in the mirror and shut down. I withdrew. Emotionally. So bad, that I never actually let people in again. The walls went up. Sure, I made friends online but I’ve since avoided people in real life. This is also why I haven’t stayed in touch with quite a few people from my family and even a lot of my friends. Also one of the reasons why most of my friends are going to be absent from the civil wedding next month. People feel happy when there’s a wedding in the family. Not my family. Everyone is on edge and testy and snappy and they cannot wait to see me leave, like I’m this cumbersome abscess that needs draining.

This scares me, you know? Marriage. Kids. New beginnings. I’ve grown up around so much negativity I’ve ended up having far too much absorbed by my system. What if I make a terrible Mum? What if they hate me? What if, what if and what if. Too many ifs and too many buts and too much stress. Dude, I’m losing hair on my head. You can see my scalp now. Shiny and gross.

I have to stop worrying. People who grow up in unhappy environments sometimes try and spread happiness to their new families, because they don’t want history repeating, right? Please, God, just please.

17 thoughts on “More Reflections Via A Block Of Text.

  1. Oh, LB. Take it from somebody who’s lived the downs and ups, surfed the decades of life’s boots in the butt and pats on the back. No matter the past, you own the present and the future. Life is yours now. Hug it, kiss it, change it slightly or alter it drastically … whatever you decide is best for you. P.S. You already change the world for the better with your writing.

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  2. Suchie the thing is you accept the fact that you have a problem. Acceptance is one of the biggest step towards betterment. Everything will work out baby, and it’s ok to be stressed before wedding, everyone does, but always remember even if nothing works out the way you think it should, just remember you tried hard and gave everything a chance. So now breathe and enjoy the moments with people who really care and love you.

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  3. “I’ve ended up having far too much absorbed by my system. ”
    Glad you at least figured that out. Many people don’t even recognize that and hence can’t really change for better. Here in your case, you know the causes and effects, so obviously you are going to be a better person than what the system was trying to make you.

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  4. We all know that you will do just GREAT! History repeats itself only when we don’t do anything about it and let things continue as they are. Every relationship teaches us something..and that’s the way we gradually improve and become better versions. The best is always wished for you Sooch.
    A good start is sometimes all we need and the rest just moves along 🙂

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  5. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about life, you have to enjoy every day. That means reducing stress as much as possible. Lie down and close your eyes and forget it all, even for fifteen minutes. It makes a lot of difference. The negative people? Just cut them out as much as you can. They’ll either miss you and straighten their asses out and show you some respect or they won’t and that’s that. Cut them out completely. Life is too short for stuff like that. It’s hard enough to grow without some jerk pulling you down all the time. I mean it. Don’t show up for family events either. Let it be known that you won’t go where you’re not respected. F that BS. Haha. Good luck to you, Suchie!

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