AHS 1984: Should You Be Watching?

AHS 1984: Should You Be Watching?

American Horror Story dropped its ninth season yesterday, and boy oh boy, the first episode was a total banger.

Here’s a list of things I absolutely LOVED:

• The outfits are on point. The hair, the makeup, the everything.

• They got the throwback vibe just right.

• This season is all about slasher movies of the eighties and it doesn’t disappoint – so far there seems to be two killers, Mr. Jingles (the name comes from the bunch of keys that jingles when he moves) and a Satanist, the Night Stalker who also featured in season five, Hotel. I love how they’re bringing in characters from the older seasons. Lovely way to tie plots together.

• The movie references, like I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

• Billie Lourd, Cody Fern and Emma Roberts are actually killing it in this episode, with Roberts playing the good girl Brooke.

So, should you watch or nah?

If you’ve been following the show religiously, you must have noticed that Ryan Murphy tends to make the trailers hella scary. Sometimes they’re way more terrifying than the actual season. This time, I think he just gets it right. And I’m LIVING for this.

If you like slasher movies, you’ll absolutely LOVE this season. The gore is super in-your-face right from the first few frames. The scene where Rita gets stabbed and has her ear cut off by Mr. Jingles and doesn’t make a noise because, as she says later, Jesus was guiding her – is brilliant.

If you’re someone that doesn’t mind the marked absence of Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates TOO MUCH, do give this season a chance. Oh and if you’re someone that does mind the absence of the OG cast members, but can’t miss a season because you’re legit obsessed with the show, YOU HAVE TO WATCH.

American Horror Story is also super close to a hundred episodes, I cannot wait for what comes next.