Stuff That I Should Have Started Doing Earlier

Stuff That I Should Have Started Doing Earlier

Seeing a dermatologist.

I’m super ashamed to say I’ve never seen a dermatologist in my life. When you’re in your late twenties and you’re saying something like this, this is a major problem.

I didn’t know I would face so many skin problems – I have clogged pores that don’t go away, I have whiteheads and my skin is aging – and no amount of aloe is keeping my skin normal.

I have my very first appointment with a dermatologist on Saturday. I hope I don’t get judged too harshly.

Taking proper supplements.

In addition to eating your greens and otherwise having a diet that’s super clean, your body does need supplements. Some people overdo, and that’s bad.

I just started on collagen and biotin and other vitamins.

• Walking everyday.

I workout at home, and I follow people like Chloe Ting. And although my body is apparently healthy, I don’t walk enough. No, walking on your treadmill doesn’t count.

My health apps remind me that I need to be walking more and that never seems to happen.

I’m trying, and so far I’ve made it through Tuesday. Let’s hope I keep at it.

• Keeping in touch with only people who matter.

For the longest time, I would avoid talking to a bunch of people because I was under the impression that they were nosy.

I was wrong.

Nothing feels better than reconnecting. At the same time, nothing feels more liberating than finding out who’s going to be around when you’re sinking, and cutting off the unnecessary drama from people that never wish you well.

Sleeping better.

I’ve actually posted about the benefits of sleep on my blog before, and it’s weird to me that I never followed my own advice.

I’ve made changes now and I give my body six solid hours of sleep. Sometimes seven.

What are some recent changes that you’ve made in your life, that you wish you’d done sooner?

13 thoughts on “Stuff That I Should Have Started Doing Earlier

  1. Not effortlessly but I learned to leave places/people.. best learning of the year, art of leaving! I will write a post on it, currently on my mind so hopefully soon. There are other changes too but I’ll keep them to myself.

    It’s been a long I commented on your blog no? So, how are you doing Suchie my friend?

    Btw, that post on twins was super awesome. I just loved it. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey hey P, how are you? It’s been ages, yes! And I’m so glad you’re doing good. And I’m doing great too, and I’m so glad you loved the twin post! Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am good too. I read your posts but as you know, likes and comments are not visible on the app on my side. I really wanted to comment on that post but did not take effort to login 😅 but yeah, der aaye durust aaye. Hope, you won’t mind if I put comments on single post about other ones. 😁


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