WTF Wednesday: Skewed Sex-Ratios

WTF Wednesday: Skewed Sex-Ratios

The obsession that our Indian society still has, even to this day, with becoming parents and grandparents to male babies, is – for the lack of a better word – baffling. According to this news report, not a single female child was born in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. Apparently nature prefers male births, but the complete absence of female children born in the span of three months does raise some red flags. And there were two hundred and sixteen kids born.

Areas marked in red show high sex-ratios. From Wiki.

I know what you’re thinking, and I’ll voice it – female feticide.

The twisted Indian mentality towards women has always been there and it hasn’t gone away, not even in this day and age. And it’s disturbing. While on one hand we have the Government claiming to be pro-women and claiming to be pro-educating the girl child, on the other hand we have very staunch supporters of the fact that only male kids would bring happiness, and therefore, all female babies must be killed in utero. These people fail to realize that with so many male kids born, there aren’t enough women around, and this is going to tip the nature’s scales the wrong way. Balance is key, and these people refuse to see that. To them, a girl child would mean more expenses and therefore, a girl child becomes undesirable.

So how does the high sex-ratio (more males than females) affect the society?

In a few of ways, actually. People often leave the country for better job prospects and this results in brain drain, since they don’t often come back home. The crime rates also go up sometimes, specially hate and sexual crimes directed towards women. Studies show that places in the country with more females than males have lesser crime rates.

What’s sad is, this just keeps getting worse. While the southern part of India is relatively balanced, a few of the northern states of the country continue to prefer male children. And this isn’t going away any time soon. WTF, indeed.