Travel Woes

Travel Woes

It’s been raining all week. More than a week, actually. It hasn’t stopped raining since July started, to be honest. Sometimes I hate rain. It’s supposed to be romantic but this? This is just plain simple overwhelming.

Right about now:

Sometimes I feel like the weather hates me. The rain Gods have some sort of vendetta even, against me. I’ve noticed a pattern. It rained in October last year, when it never does, right before I was meant to travel. Same in February. Now same, in July. And when it rains where I live, it gets waterlogged pretty quickly, making driving to the airport literal hell.

I wish I could look at the bright side and say that there’s going to be zero traffic so yay – because honestly this is such a dampener on the whole thing. My clothes are going to take forever to dry and my freshly blown hair is going to turn into Frizz Central. God forbid if my bags get wet, there goes my weekend.

What’s YOUR biggest travel woe?