WTF Wednesday: The Reply Guy

WTF Wednesday: The Reply Guy

Oh my God.

I thought reply guys weren’t that big of a deal until I found this whole article on Mashable. Who is a reply guy, you ask? Well…

If you’re a woman on Twitter, give it a few weeks and you’ll be assigned a reply guy that will soon get on your nerves and keep you from tweeting in peace. Usually, these men start out innocent. But that escalates very quickly and he soon becomes an annoying pest, adding so much anxiety and stress to your life that you wish you could just block the dude. But you can’t because you never know how far a man would go to make things messier than ever.

According to two scientists on Twitter, there are nine types of reply guys:

Now, looking at this chart, I feel like my reply guys fit into every category. Notice the plural: it’s that bad. The worst part is, they reply to every freaking tweet of yours, acting like they’re your best friend, when in reality you’ve only ever spoken to them in DMs a couple times. I guess some men love to assume that they’re a part of your inner circle or something, even if you’re nice to them perfunctorily and that is it. This means, once you engage, there’s literally no backing out. Even if this means you cannot tweet in peace at all. Even if this means all your tweets are going to get responses. Condescending as ever responses, too.

The best solution to this is basically just leaving the reply guys alone. Even if their tweets are triggering, because sometimes you’ve gotta avoid a conversation completely if you want to keep your peace of mind in one piece.

Sometimes I honestly wish you could delete other people’s tweets.