When Did The World Get So Overwhelming?

When Did The World Get So Overwhelming?

A friend and I were having this conversation the other day and she said:

“I guess we were all running away from home to bigger places and faster lives and social media attention and now when all of it is ruining us, we are running back to the peace of the little towns and taking a supposed social media detox.

Like why do we even need a break from something which wasn’t even our real lives in the first place?”

She’s a hundred percent correct.

There’s no living space, there’s very little breathable air and no drinkable water. India already has a water crisis going on in a lot of places. And everyone else is just so unaware. Doing things for clout, preaching about feminism that doesn’t feel like feminism anymore and pretending to have chill, happy lives which we should all look up to. Most of us don’t even like our day jobs anymore. In a world where YouTube celebrities and Instagram models are fast becoming role models, where do our moral compasses point to, really?

The thing about the modern world is that you cannot say or do the “right” thing. If you post your opinion online, you’ll get trolled and hated and dragged through the mud for it. You’ll be misinterpreted and misunderstood and nobody will cut you any slack. The world is very accepting, yes that’s true – but it is also very unforgiving at the same time. Everyone is constantly and perpetually triggered and is out for blood. It’s so scary and so overwhelming. And you’ve to think a million times before even posting something as simple as a thoughtful and well-written eyeshadow review, or even a book review dismissing a popular author, because God knows who might get offended. There’s so much going on – Stan culture, cancel culture, pile-on hatred and bigotry – that you don’t even feel remotely safe or comfortable anymore.

And you still go back.

You go back to what hurts you and you want to see what’s going on and it’s like an itch and you keep scratching at it, and you bleed. And you still look at what’s bothering you. Social media addiction is a real thing. And at some level, we’re all afflicted. It’s crazy how we all compare ourselves – both on purpose and subconsciously – to that image of some influencer’s perfect. We choose to flaunt fake stories, we choose to show happy when we’re really NOT. There’s a rise in divorce rates. Cheating incidents. Scandals. People feel so entitled to take what’s already taken, and they don’t stop to think or analyze. There’s a rise in immorality and a serious fall in moral values. And if you dare say anything, you’re just a depressed piece of turd that’s moral policing and has no life. They say, Live and Let Live, And before we could realize it, it’s turned into Die and Let Die, but don’t say anything. It’s twisted, really, when we could be idolizing real people with real stories, but we choose not to give them any importance. The ones actually making a difference only exist in the footnotes of some super obscure magazines. Or they exist as obituaries in newspapers yellowing with age – they were the real influencers. The real feminists. And it’s scary today, to see to how far people calling themselves modern influencers will go, for mere likes and followers, losing themselves in the process.

When did social media become our whole lives?

13 thoughts on “When Did The World Get So Overwhelming?

  1. One simple thing I’ve started doing is sleeping with my phone in the other room so I don’t check it like a crackhead first thing when I wake up. The only downside is my phone is also my alarm clock so I’ll buy a separate alarm clock.

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  2. Beautifully written. So damn true. We’re friends already but you don’t know it yet haha well now ya do!
    I talk about this crisis of fictional social media bullshit all the time. But I’m not innocent. I run 4 damn Instagram accounts, 4!!! 2 side businesses, a blog that I’m now coming back to because I abandoned it in the mist of a mental breakdown, 3 kids, a full time job and a husband who is basically like a puppy also lol 😂. I’m just saying, social media is part of everything I do in my daily life and yet I bitch about it constantly taking over my life lol. The irony… I know I’m not alone.

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  3. When I think of myself, I find social media a friendly and convenient place as I use them wisely. How I completely agree that many are addicted to it. The YouTube channel of 2 school kids I came across the other day was enough the proof. However, I don’t blame social media all the time as I have sorted out things. For example, I don’t follow celebs/businesses/brands on Instagram and Facebook. In fact I have decided to not go beyond 15 on Insta. The accounts I follow on Insta are from my couple of close and active friends and infotainment channel like Discovery, Natgeo. Besides that I have followed tags instead of accounts like #motivation. Same is on Facebook, I have friend list close to # 350 but I am following less than 15 so I get to see updates from them only. I don’t use twitter, no good place for people like me. You don’t believe but I take time to change priorities/ settings/ following as per my interest and need. I do that with WP. I unfollow blogs that I don’t read every year. Now that I have written so much about myself, I wonder why did I do this. I hoe you understand what I want to say, YOU CAN control how much social media should affect your life.

    PS – I read your posts but the problem on app restricts me from liking or commenting on your posts.

    Good day Suchie! 🙂

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    1. Ooh. That’s an excellent comment! Unfortunately not all of us have this kind of self control, I guess?


      1. To some extent, yes it is self control but again I set myself free when it comes to expressing and enjoying what I like. I am glad both my needs do not require following people. Self control – you can give it a try though. 🙂

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      2. Exactly! I was about to finish this conversation on this point. It depends on individual. If one is doing fine and able to find peace of mind even after spending huge amount of time on social media, then nothing needs to be change. At the end of the day, one should be happy and peaceful.

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