Adulting 101: Staying Happy

Adulting 101: Staying Happy

My concept of happiness has shifted from attaining a few of the material things in life to fulfilling all the emotional aspects. Over the last couple of years, I’ve actually come to realize that it’s not about how much stuff you’ve got – it’s about how much mental peace you’ve got, really. You could be the richest person in the world with a bottomless pit in your heart that you could keep tossing fancy stuff into, and you could exhaust yourself indulging in retail therapy, but you’d never really be happy. Not truly.

So, I went on this drive today. To basically nowhere. The road took a turn through the forest and I kept going deeper. My cellphone reception disappeared and my car radio died. At some point, I turned it off and kept going. Soon, my car was the only vehicle around, and the only thing keeping me company was the sound of the raindrops on the sunroof. I cannot begin to describe the immense amount of peace that I actually FELT settling down on me. Have you ever felt that?

When you’re alone, and you’re happy, and you’re actually enjoying your own company, that’s when you know that you’ve mastered the art of staying truly happy. This is also why it’s so important to give your partner space in a relationship, instead of being on their case all the time. Give them room to grow. Remember, a tree needs the sun to grow and flourish. The more it’s kept under the shadow of some other tree, it never really grows well.

When you don’t expect much, and you have zero complaints from life – remember that life won’t give you reasons to complain either. The law of attraction is legit, and thoughts become things, and you get back what you put out there. It’s all true.

I’m going to leave you here with these few things to ponder on. Have a wonderful Sunday, Fam. And I hope July the Fourth treated you well.