I’m not someone that likes to post controversial topics. It’s never been me. Recently I wrote this article about why I felt like the body positivity movement had been hijacked by people promoting obesity – and it was reposted on an Instagram page with a good reach. And it blew up. Although, a majority of the comments seemed to be positive, a lot were negative and accusatory. I was called names and I was asked to check myself. Right from my medical school education to my sanity – all of it was questioned, and mostly not in a polite way.

This actually got me thinking.

The Internet is not going to be kind to you. If you have a voice, and if you’re someone that only calls a spade a spade, people won’t be nice to you. And it made me realize, would I have been happier if I hadn’t made that post? One hundred percent. Controversies blow up like wild season prairie fires, specially in this day and age. You’ll have nowhere to hide. You could delete comments all you want, but people would take screenshots and save them and come back to haunt you. And it’s really bad for your own mental health.

This is also why many people get silenced.

It’s always the silence of good people and their refusal to get into drama or worse, to become a victim of cyber bullying and death threats and sometimes even murder, that becomes a reason for trolls, bullies and mean people to thrive and grow and continue to do what they do. And I’ve often noticed that all the hate comes from people with private profiles and no icon photos, making them unidentifiable should they change their handles.

And I decided that all of this headache and bullying and getting dragged through the mud wasn’t worth it. If I have an opinion, I’m going to keep it to myself. And if someone asks me to be honest, I’m going to just leave the chat.

Enough, I say, is enough.