Medical Monday: Five Reasons Why You Should Sleep More

Medical Monday: Five Reasons Why You Should Sleep More

Much as I love to leave my readers hanging, I don’t recommend leaving your sleep duration unfinished. Everyone and their grandmas seem to have an issue with not getting enough sleep. As if Googling wasn’t enough, here are five legit reasons why you need to sleep more.

• You’ll be a lot less stressed out.

When you sleep very little, your cortisol levels are screwed. And you’ll be stressed, which you can actually prevent by getting more sleep. If you simply cannot sleep, or if you have insomnia, quit caffeine cold turkey and take Indian ginseng or Ashwagandha. I’ve talked about this a lot, and it is a natural adaptogen – which means it’ll adjust your stress hormones.

• Bye bye, dark circles.

Most people overlook the fact that one sure shot way to get rid of Master Shifu eyes is by getting a good night’s sleep every night. That, and some hydration.

Weight loss.

The hormones leptin and ghrelin, which essentially regulate appetite, have been found to be disrupted by lack of sleep. If you wish to maintain or lose weight, get seven hours of sleep. Also, when you’re catching some zzz’s, you won’t be getting the munchies and no stubborn fat will ever stick to your thighs and your hips and your butt. Yay.

Chase away the blues.

Sleep impacts the ratio and production of a lot of chemicals in your body, including serotonin. People with serotonin deficiencies are more prone to depression. Eat a banana everyday, because it helps regulate serotonin levels in the body, and get a good amount of sleep. You’ll be happier.

Boost your creativity.

A bunch of studies concluded that a good night’s sleep helps to consolidate memories, boosting your and making your memory stronger. Your cognitive function improves as you sleep sleep better, which may result in more creativity as well. So if you have one of those dry creative spells, try getting more sleep.

And guess what? All of the above pointers have actually worked for me.

I have a question for you guys: How many hours of sleep do you get each night, and do you think it’s enough?

24 thoughts on “Medical Monday: Five Reasons Why You Should Sleep More

  1. I need minimum 8 hours of sleep to function well. You will find me repeating this time and again. And, it actually is true as I can feel the difference. I believe the requirement of sleep varies from person to person. There is also different factors that could affect like I work in rotational shifts including night hours so there is no thing like routine in my life so my body has to adjust accordingly. Good to have scientific details though. Thanks Suchie. Have a nice day ahead. 🙂

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      1. omg! you are asking me to share my secret with the readers 😳 wait, shouldn’t be an issue looking at my readers count 😂 Thanks for the suggestion Susmi. It’s noted and you can expect to see the article soon. Have a nice day! 🙋‍♂️

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      2. Ah, I don’t mind, it was short and cute and more than that easy to type. You can go with the letter A too, goes with my surname. 😛 On separate note, I like your name which is more than just Suchie 🤞

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      3. But I liked it. I found it unique when I hear / see for the first time. It was difficult to come up with any nickname giving that its just Suchi, already short and sweet but I saw great possibilities after seeing that name. 😂

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