The Ugly Community.

The Ugly Community.

I remember getting into makeup over a decade ago. Back in the day, we had ‘drama-free’ beauty gurus who actually knew what they were doing. Michelle Phan. Jessica Harlow. Makeup historian Lisa Eldridge. CEO of Makeup Geek, Marlena Stell. They were the OGs, coming up with new content that was so good, so innovtive and so rich in technique, that you actually felt drawn to their videos. And we’re intrigued by their skills.

But then Instagram took over – and with that, came into being a new band of self-proclaimed gurus that never went to beauty school, and that is fine, but they also started promoting problematic content. Come 2019, and we have a new whole drama to deal with each week. And then, ‘drama channels’ came into existence, each amassing thousands – if not millions – of subscribers. Here For The Tea is one of these channels that came into prominence because she is basically super great at digging up dirt on these influencers. AND I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS. If you’re a beauty community, why brew so much hatred and let other people spill so much tea on your mess?

There are sponsorships and brands pay a lot of money to these fake gurus that push their discount codes like crazy, and it becomes imperative that the audience ends up buying a ton of stuff that won’t work for a lot of people. And nobody leaves disclaimers. I agree that it’s okay to want to make money, to make a quick buck, but at what expense? This makes me want to throw away all the makeup I’ve ever bought because I got sucked into the hype too.

What REALLY gets my goat, however, is the fact that most of these people with such a huge reach, actually rip off smaller creators, and a hundred percent of the time, this goes totally unnoticed. Brands in India, for example usually add influencers to their PR list based on how many intragram followers the said influencer has, because this allows a boost in the sales of their products. As a result of that, the bigger influencers get away with stealing ideas, and the smaller content creators end up missing out.

This isn’t ‘beautiful’ anymore. Plagued by plagiarism, lies, deception, theft of intellectual property, lack of eduction and a lack of heart, and tons of greed, we have ourselves a community that’s toxic and so ugly, it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand. If the world needs a reboot, it is here. It’s now.

When Did The “BODY POSITIVITY” Movement Get Hijacked?

When Did The “BODY POSITIVITY” Movement Get Hijacked?

I’ve been seeing a lot of “body positivity” posts that are promoting plain simple obesity to be honest.

It is one hundred percent okay to love yourself but it’s kinda wrong, you know, to stuff yourself and never get any exercise. I know people that follow unhealthy lifestyles, and fall prey to diseases like hypertension and diabetes type two. They justify their behavior and call themselves curvy and they’re leading you to believe that morbid obesity is the new normal.

When I think of body positivity, the first thought that comes to mind is accepting yourself, all of your imperfections. Albinism. Crooked teeth. Heterochromia. Freckles. Birth marks. Unibrows. Everything you were born with. Body positivity doesn’t mean making yourself unhealthy by neglecting yourself and taking a drum to the streets, announcing that being morbidly obese is the new normal. There’s a lot of obese people all over – sporting beer bellies, with BMIs that are over thirty, and having to battle things like atherosclerosis, because they INSIST on eating pizza every day rather than choose something healthy. They’d rather go drinking every weekend, than actually hit the gym to stay in shape. And they body-shame people that run Instagram fitness accounts. And they have hijacked the body positivity movement and they are now insisting that being unhealthy is super cool because that’s what being curvy looks like. I beg to differ. Here’s what curvy looks like:

And she’s far from being fat or unhealthy.

As opposed to this:

Your heart is only programmed to pump so much, don’t make it overwork and don’t kill yourself. How hard is that? It’s so important to cut back on alcohol and sugar, both of which do zilch for your body. I feel so strongly about this only because I used to be overweight and I was super unhealthy. But now that I’ve changed my eating habits and made a lot of lifestyle changes, I actually feel and look good. And it makes me happy.

What’s your take on this? Do you think the body positive movement has somehow been hijacked by the over-promotion of obesity?

Friday Binge: Movie Recommendations! *contains spoliers*

Friday Binge: Movie Recommendations! *contains spoliers*

It’s Friday, and it’s probably raining where you are – or it’s really really HOT, and you’re tired from a long week at work. And if you’re like me, you’ve also got zero inclination to leave the house. Which is why, you’re probably going to binge watch a lot of stuff and binge eat and then chill.

Here are five movies you might like:

• The Queen’s Corgi.

This one has to be my absolute favorite. An animated movie, about a Corgi called Rex, that belongs to the Queen of England, animated versions of Melania and Donald Trump AND cute little puppies? Yes, please. Also, Rexie gets caught up in the underground world of dog-fights. If you’ve watched Fight Club and loved it, you’ll love this cute movie.

• Murder Mystery.

Aniston and Sandler (sporting a mustache) are a husband and wife duo that get involved in a very Agatha Christie kind of plot. Hilarious, fast paced and witty, and not to mention that Aniston made me question my sexuality while she was driving the Ferrari, this is a must watch in my book.

• Cecil.

The story of a nine year old with a lisp will have you rolling on the floor laughing in certain places. The movie has a lot going on: from selling names at Horsey Orsey and a twisted principal and Michael Jordan, and the most adorable protagonist, ever.

• Shazam!

A fourteen year old that turns into an adult with a bajillion superpowers may not seem like much of a movie plot, but Zachary Levi is hella charismatic and has some of the best lines on screen. If you haven’t already watched, what are you waiting for? Also, you get cameo performances by Ross Butler (Reggie Mantle from Riverdale) and Adam Brody!

• After.

A coming of age teen drama, with “young Voldemort” Hero Fiennes Tiffin as the male lead is something you need to watch if you’re into romantic movies. His eyebrows do a lot of talking and the British accent is delectable. After also stars inspirational YouTuber Inanna as bad girl Molly, and she nails her character down to a T.

Have you seen any new stuff lately? Leave me a comment. Have a wonderful weekend, you guys!

10 Thoughts I Had While Working Out Earlier

10 Thoughts I Had While Working Out Earlier

• Ooh, when in doubt, post a listicle. I hate having to post when I’m not feeling creative at all, but I’m also doing the #365DayChallenge and I absolutely cannot break streak.

• I worked out for thirty whole minutes, why don’t I look like Chloe Ting yet? This Tingy isn’t working for me.

• Did it not occur to anybody else that the body positivity movement has been hijacked by people with unhealthy habits and who happen to be so obese that they think that’s the new normal? Or is it just me that thinks being morbidly is not okay and it shouldn’t be enabled?

• I need new gym shorts. I need new gym tights. I need thirty billion new sports bras in Pantone universe’s color of the year.

• Ooh, I’m going to eat some grilled cheese on Sunday. Why can’t Sunday come soon?

• I’m totally going bald because of excessive scalp sweat. That’s TMI, but we’re gonna roll with it.

• Zachary Levi is super cute. I cannot stop thinking about the fact that ADAM BRODY And OMG, Ross Butler from Riverdale had cameo roles in Shazam! Who else is obsessed with the movie?

• Speaking of movies, I wonder how many people have adopted Corgis after watching The Queen’s Corgi. I so want one.

• How often are you supposed to change your yoga mat?

• It’s been forever and I still don’t have the “11” shaped abs. I’m gonna go home and eat a whole tub of ice cream and regret for the rest of the night.

50 Word Story: Best Friend

50 Word Story: Best Friend

When I was little, I wanted to eat “rasgullas” one day.

Mum noticed me sneak one out of the bowl and she forced me to eat the lot and some more, till I puked.

Twenty five years later, Insulin is still my best friend.

#Relationships: Five Reasons Why He Isn’t Spending On You

#Relationships: Five Reasons Why He Isn’t Spending On You

Before we get to it: this is NOT a guide for gold-diggers. If you’re one, please stop and leave. Thank you.

You give him cards and candy and little gifts here and there, and you never see him reciprocate: be it your birthday, or Valentine’s Day, or whatever. Nothing on the anniversary either. So you rack your brains and you keep wondering if it’s too much to be even expecting things that don’t cost a lot of money, but take some effort and some planning – like cards, or letters, for example. You see your friends being taken out on dates and being sung to, and you don’t understand why your man isn’t doing the same for you.

Well, here’s why.

• He’s not that into you.

This is why they made a whole movie about it. When a man isn’t into you, but you think he is, he will refuse to even spend a cent on you. Sure, you guys might be tight and you might have your wedding dress planned – but whoa, back up there, sweetheart – you think you’re going to get a a proposal with a ring? Forget it.

He’s broke.

This is super common. While the dude may want to get you things, he cannot. That’s because he’s under a financial crunch. Talk to him about it and see if you can help out. You can be the bigger person and the better partner.

• He’s stingy. Only with you.

So he indulges a little. Buys what he wants to. But when it’s time to give you a little present, he holds on to his wallet for dear life. This means that he’s selectively stingy and the only person he hates to spend money on is you. In this scenario, you could either compensate and accept this, or you could find a replacement. Plenty of fish in the sea, sweetie.

He thinks you’re worth nothing.

He thinks you’re not worth his time and effort. Which is why, he’s going to come up with perfect excuses for avoiding the whole card-sending thing. He is going to never send you flowers just because and he will most certainly never spilt the bill with you. And you need to let him go immediately. He’s never going to make any emotional investment in you, let alone monetary.

He doesn’t want to.

This is the ugliest reason. He doesn’t want to do anything for you. This includes seeing you off at the airport, or getting you ice cream just because, or even sharing his Netflix password with you. He does not simply want to. You’re just someone he’s with for the heck of it, and he is willing to do all of this if and when someone new comes along – and that someone isn’t you.

(In other words, I got hella fat today from eating too much cake. Y’all should have helped.)

Fifty Word Story: Birthday

Fifty Word Story: Birthday

It was her birthday.

He was AWOL, obviously.

You’d think he’d make the effort, or maybe pretend to, at least for one day.

But she’d only ever attracted pieces of filth: he was no different.

So she killed the lights and went to sleep.

Only this time, it’d be forever.

Stray Bird

Stray Bird

I was never one to fit in,

I was always meant to stand out

And never in a good way.

People do things for clout

And I don’t even know what I want

I don’t know what I seek

I have no ambition

I’m often powerless, often weak.

My parents told me I was a fluke

That I was a mistake

They taught me so much

But funnily, it didn’t take.

I try to fly with the other guys

And that never happens right

I fall back and I die on the inside

Every time I fall from a height

I don’t have a purpose

No goal that I want to achieve

So far I’ve been a lonely parasite

Only taking, with nothing to give

I don’t know when my life ends

But I hope it does soon

It’s lonely to be a stray

Nursing at your own meaningless wounds.

Blue For Sudan

Blue For Sudan

My heart is heavy as I write this. We’ve all changed our profile photos to blue to stand in solidarity – but for what?

Picture credit: Instagram.

This thirteen year old was raped by the militia, and she’s one of many. And it’s shocking because one of many doesn’t come as shocking anymore. And she’s never going to be able to have children because she’s been damaged beyond repair at this point.

How much more evil is there left to endure at this point?

We’re talking about it, Tweeting about it, there’s so much media coverage and YET, the bloodbath continues to grow and multiply and the cruelty that we’re hearing about is just unfathomable. How can one human being do something like that to another human being? To a child?

I can’t write anymore today.

50 Word Story: Yoga

50 Word Story: Yoga

She scrolls through her Instagram.

Everyone’s posting about Yoga Day. She smirks and pulls off her wedding ring, and pulls on some new yoga pants and a rather revealing top.

That downward dog her trainer taught her is going to be put to good use today.