WTF Wednesday: STOP Doing That!

WTF Wednesday: STOP Doing That!

• You stalk someone on Twitter. You find what they’re up to, you don’t like what they’re doing, and you subtweet. Don’t. It doesn’t concern you, and you need to keep your opinions to yourself. Remember the Gurgaon incident? It didn’t fly well.

• You see a cute person of the opposite gender, you decide to slide into their DMs. You send in a human eggplant or a cooch or a titty photo. Don’t do that. Many people are now immune to the charms of the naked human body, because they’ve seen FAR too much already. It’s all out there for the world to see. Sometimes, being shrouded in mystery helps. Now I’m not saying it’s wrong to want to make a child with someone, it’s just wrong to force it on them. Don’t. Stay classy, how hard is that?

• You see a woman with a rather revealing bikini on, don’t leave hate comments. Don’t. If you’ve got nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.

• Don’t bash your ex. Don’t bash your ex online. Or offline. Or to your new girl/boyfriend. That ish gets tiring and offensive and kind of headache-inducing after a while. Trust me on that. Grandma knows best.

• Lastly, what’s with your embarrassing IG TV videos? Nobody wants to die of tympanic membrane rupture and cerebral hemorrhage that your painfully inaccurate tips give people. You wanna post videos, do your research. Simple.

Happy hump day, folks.

14 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: STOP Doing That!

  1. Hahaha… It was a great read Suchie. While reading I was putting myself into the situation and you know no is perfect. I was fine with all the points as I hardly use Twitter and Instagram. About the next one, I am practicing.. say nothing if it’s not good. I guess we at some point realise that everyone has right to make choices about anything and we have no rights to criticize until it is hurting us in any way. I am into stalking to some extent but that too in a good way. I would say kiska kya chal raha hai one should know, especially when you have unfollowed most of them on social media. 😂

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    1. Literally went on a social media purge and I’ve deleted people too. I barely use Facebook and I don’t stalk ex friends and ex boyfriends on twitter. Makes me very shaant. And happy.

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