Hey guys. I hope you’ve been liking the posts I’ve been doing these days – the A to Z challenge is a toughie, not going to lie. But isn’t that what motivates you to keep writing?

I made a post back in the day about why I choose to write creepy content. I’d mentioned that I don’t like to be the regular, and I still don’t. Still going to say that I don’t like my characters clean or nasty – I prefer them to be a good mix of both. I like spectrums. I adore deviations. Blogging has been such a journey – from doing rants to fashion to makeup and now dark fiction, the genre keeps changing. And I love that. I live for that. It’ll keep changing till I find what fits me best.

This has been a quest. Pretty much how everything in my life has been.

I wanted to be a journalist when I was young, but I was fueled by this need to prove to people that I could go to med school and become a doctor. Halfway though pharmacology, I lost interest when they maimed rabbits – not really maimed but we did cut off their lashes – and the whole thing left a bitter taste in my mouth. Once you lose interest, you start to fail. I’ve failed academically but I managed to graduate and to work happily. For a while, I loved it. And then I rediscovered my love for art, lost interest in that when internship got crazy and here we are – floating, always floating. Some of us choose to go against the current, some of us go with it, but we’re all constantly on the move and we’re on the mend and we’re constantly finding something and we’re constantly evolving. And working towards a something that’s actually solid.

Someone complained to me that my writing was getting way too dark now, but that’s fine. It’s not like this genre is going to stick around forever, you know? Maybe someday, I’ll be doing historical fiction and turning into a Diana Gabaldon minus the meaty content. Ahahaha. Sometimes I don’t even know where I come up with stuff like this.

Anyway, I was just wondering – how did you pick the genre of your blog? Do you have a specific theme you stick to?

28 thoughts on “Quest

  1. I think we pick what we like and your work isn’t too dark, it’s you’re work and it just might be too dark for them.
    I’m Sci-Fi because that’s me… Keep it up Sooch 😀

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  2. I am seeing a very serious about writing today.. I didn’t find anything dark in your writing so far. To be honest, I was not following your blog when you were posting makeups & fashion.. I simply scroll when I find anything I can’t relate with. I was seeing you evolve as a writer and appreciated the posts you you chose to write during this challenge. See as writer and a reader, there is always a choice. I don’t force myself to write optimistic and good stuff only. I visit blogs who write on a straight line with one genre and agenda. I don’t find it fancy as a writer, as said earlier, I believe in balance so changing the genre should not harm. Just write what you want to write. Keep the rest for readers. You write consistently. It is in itself is a big achievement.
    PS- You made me think and I wonder what genre my blog has. 😅
    Good night Suchi, so ja 😇

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    1. Hello P! This was super nice of you. Also, yes don’t read my old makeup posts. They’re tacky, to say the least.

      Also, your blog is still finding its genre. Same as mine. That’s the fun part!

      Ah, the so ja sounded super motherly. Me approves. Hehhe. Good morning ☀️

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