I’ve been sitting in the exact same spot, trying to come up with something solid to post about. And I’ve been drawing blanks. I’m supposed to talk about gratitude today, and to be honest, it’s overwhelmingly hard. I’m sure Jamie/Shih Tzu is going to do wonderfully well today, he’s brilliant with his stories, but what do I talk about? Yikes. It’s also World Health day today, and I wanted to talk about stuff.

So the LOML (I’m trying to be fancy because I don’t wanna say Bear’s name) picked the word of the day. And the first thing that comes to my mind when I actually think about it? Him. I know I’ve ranted a lot on my blog, and will continue to do so, but if I’d to be thankful and grateful for something, it would have to be him. All the fiction that’s loosely based on real events aside, he’s my truth and he’s amazing. How many times have we taken the time to be actually thankful and feel blessed to be given all that we’ve been given? Not many. We mostly all just complain and compare and feel the need to drown ourselves in FOMO. Not cool, you guys.

Every time you feel bad, or wish you had a better life, you need to step back and remind yourself that there are people that wish they’d been in your shoes. Emilia Clarke had brain aneurysms but she never complained, and she’s one of the most successful actors of our time. If she’s never found reasons to be miserable, why should any of us be that way, right?

I’m thankful, honestly.

I could have died in that motorcycle accident in 2015: I didn’t. I’m okay, I’m doing great and everything is moving in the right direction. There’s no family feud, there’s no drama and there are no crunches. Done my share of traveling and spending time with my family. Made (and still making) memories. Went from being bratty to super nice and I feel myself evolving into a better person. Love front? Going great. Still paranoid about posting about it on the Gram, or on Twitter: can’t shake off the feeling that something bad might happen or someone might jinx it. Yikes. But I’m so grateful. You listen to the Ariana Grande songs about things and you realize that everything in your life has been a learning lesson. So yes, grateful.

What are you grateful for?