She looks at her phone, wondering if he’ll ever come home. It’s becoming a routine now. Six AM morning runs, the detox tea, the office hours, the gym. The desperation, the obsession with making him stay, has taken over her whole life and she doesn’t even know who she is anymore.

She’s almost twenty five, and she’s brilliant. She’s got free advice and she’s got a million. Neither of which helps her anyway. He wasn’t ever meant to stay. He was meant to go away, and go away he did. Today was just another day. Why, oh why, did she fall in love, why oh why, did she fall apart, why did she let herself go astray – all these questions burn into the back of her head.

Three days, and there’s been no contact.

A month goes by, still no change.

He’s missing, it’s like he never existed. His Insta and his Twitter, his Snapchat, the selfies with those filters – all seem fictional to her these days.

And then he resurfaces, New Girl on his arm. He doesn’t bother to break up, he just moves on. Ferrari and Dior Homme, sunset in Malibu, New Girl in his arms. Doesn’t matter if she’s a gold digger, she’s got the body. Doesn’t matter her heart seems empty, doesn’t matter because they’re both drunk on their vanity.

Doesn’t matter he managed to break a young woman’s heart – doesn’t matter it was with her best friend, doesn’t matter how many wedges drove these girls apart, doesn’t matter, none of that matters. She closes her eyes and the tears fall. She’s numb, she never wanted the money, she never wanted it all.

Funny how the only thing you want is the only thing that’s denied you – funny how closure is the hardest thing to give to your girl.

30 thoughts on “Closure.

  1. And again, our approaches seem like day and night. Extremely well written. Yet there’s something I cannot seem to agree on. How do I point it out? This is one sided attachment which somehow snaps off like a twig. Can we agree to disagree?

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      1. The girl is attached to the guy. The guy is not. So he just gets up and leaves. The girl waits for him to come back. He never does. And suddenly one day, you see it. He has a new arm that seems attached to. The betrayal crushes you. That feeling becomes your closure. Your self esteem buries the hatchet deep inside your heart. You break and break and break but you let go. Coz no matter what, you cannot be the girl you fucks with another girl’s life just coz the guy is shit.

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  2. This is something which makes me think, are we evolving or going back to the materialistic basics. An amazing way to present how true love waits and how the fake ones change their skin. Keep writing.

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