Affluence – Necessary Evil?

Affluence – Necessary Evil?

So Shih Tzu (if you’re not following his blog, what are you even doing with your life, jeez Louise) came up with the idea of doing the twenty six day challenge. Where you do a blog post every day, for twenty six days, and you do it alphabetically. Today happens to be day one, so I came up with affluence. More on that in just a bit. Since I was already doing the 365 day writing challenge, this whole thing fit in perfectly.

Why did I pick this particular word? I don’t know, it just came to me. Maybe it’s got something to do with how Indian parents think. They all want their kids to marry into affluence. And into luxury. And it’s such a badly constructed notion, that money alone means happiness – because it’s not. No matter what Ariana Grande tells you, no money in the world could buy you peace of mind. Sure, you’re going to be happy, momentarily. And then you’re going to get sucked into the world of income tax raids and people throwing jealousy your way and before you know it, oh hello, bad vibes.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s got something to do with the Flu. Which I’m currently battling, wishing it would somehow turn into afFLUence of good health. Ahahahhahahaha. My sense of humor has been compromised, y’all.

Jokes apart, know I talk about Instagram a lot. I’m pretty sure we’ve all – at some point – coveted things, because of how it was all being portrayed online. For example, Jeremy Fragrance with his Ferrari that he could buy because of his consistency on YouTube. And then there’s Kenya’s richest blogger, Sonal Maherali, who’s a self professed full time homemaker with a closet full of Louboutins. And every time I think about how seemingly happy they look, I can’t help but wonder if behind their curated lives, does any trace of completeness even exist? If being rich was all that Jazz, why do so many celebrities get into so much trouble? Why do most lavish weddings end in messy divorces? Makes you wonder what’s really going on, doesn’t it?

I guess the key lies in finding a happy medium. Not too this and not too that.