The Evolution of Music

The Evolution of Music

Hello, my love.

See what I did there? No? If you’re one of those people that grew up listening to Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Avril Lavigne, and other older artists, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Westlife were on this hiatus and we thought they’d never come back and then they popped back into the picture with their newest offering, Hello my love. This makes my heart so happy. My Love is actually one of my favorite songs ever. Ooh ooh. Also, their single Better Man reached the top of the iTunes Charts within mere hours of its release just yesterday.

2019 is already off to a good start, people.

I remember back in the day when music would make you feel good, when music wasn’t something you’d had to play in secret because the lyrics were so vulgar they’d make a sailor blush. I’m looking at you, Cardi B. Leaving aside the fact that her name sounds like it could have a very good market as a vitamin supplement, her lyrics and her gyrating is just too much. Also, whatever happened to the Bruno Mars we so loved back in the day? The new video for Please Me is NSFW.

The only different – and good thing – about the 2019 music scene, to me, is probably Billie Eilish. She’s seventeen and slaying. Everything she does, and the music videos she makes, always have people talking. I love it that she doesn’t seem to sell sex (reminds me so much of old timey Avril Lavigne) and she doesn’t act like a crazy person, and that every song of hers has such deeper meaning that whatever meets the eye. So yay, Billie.

I remember being obsessed with boy bands in general. Pretty much like every other nineties baby. And now that those bands are making a comeback, I couldn’t be happier.

Although, pop disruptor Bebe Rexha is someone I listen to on a regular basis, her videos are kind of cringeworthy. Specially that video for Last Hurrah. Yikes. Also, did you know, that her biggest commercial success was this country song she did with Florida Georgia line? Crazy, huh? There’s nothing this woman can’t do. Ooh.

Also, how cool are these angel wings? Do you have a favorite nineties pop band?

34 thoughts on “The Evolution of Music

  1. that thing about Billie not acting crazy made me laugh coz I remembered her latest single Bad Guy and boy does she look crazy… Haven’t listened to Westlife’s new music yet but you should check out Lukas Graham’s album 3 (The Purple Album)…

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    1. I loved Lukas Graham since 7 years. And I thought he’d be an one hit wonder but thankfully, he wasn’t. And ooh you’re back to blogging?

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      1. I thought so but boy did he prove me wrong. Not really. I was bored. Then noticed the alphabet thing you are doing… loved Battle btw. I mean you were married for 2 months before I figured out it was all fiction (where are the emojis when you need them)

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      1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them until now but the name rings a bell. What’s their most famous song? I’ll listen to it. Btw I just posted something…not Paulo though

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      2. I’m dying at the music video for “My Love” ahahaha. Every boy band in the 90s had the same haircut and glum look on their face as they walk in a straight line at the camera

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      3. Oh God the pants. Their pants are like a parachute you can stuff and turn into a piñata. And the blond highlights in half the band’s hair. Just stop hahah

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      4. Yes, well obviously. Imagine if five men were singing the same song about the same woman. She must have had the sense to slap the restraining order on their shiny highlighted blond heads.

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