Actually Painful Stuff

Actually Painful Stuff

Have you read Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda? Becky Albertalli just casually throws a line in there about how exhausting blogging actually is. That’s the number one thing on our list today: blogging, on the daily, is painful. Painfully hard.

Is there anything harder than that? Yes. Challenges. The 365 day challenge. The gallon-of-water-a-day challenge. The no sugar diet challenge. The list goes on. Now don’t get me wrong – we love lists on this side of the Internet. We do. In fact, my blog seems to be filled with listy posts that people actually managed to read without falling asleep. So yay, go me. My point here, before I digress, is lists are hard to do. Both to make and to stick to. Also, I cannot tell you the number of lists that I have taped to my fridge. It’s more like a noticeboard that’s kind of screaming for help with things left unchecked. Life is mental. Life is batcrap mental. Send help.

You know what else is difficult? Trying to live with Indian parents whose maid just quit on them. Again, don’t get me wrong. My parents are wonderful people. It’s the maid that’s kind of super attached to her new grandkid and didn’t want to be a maid anymore but kind of needed the money – so long story short, she got found out stealing moolah from our wallets and tried to make us look bad and well, um, she quit. Maid culture is rampant in India. Your mum won’t miss you when you’re not around but she’s going to miss the maid. She’s going to be all depressed because she’s the ONLY person who’s working a nine to five job in the circle of other brown mommies, and has to come home and make her own tea. I think this bothers her more than anything else, making her own tea. She detests her own cooking. Go figure. And she won’t like it if you make tea for her because the maid simply does it better. Like holy wow.

Now, as if THAT wasn’t enough, there’s my most painful experience ever – having to wash my makeup brushes every Sunday. It’s a process. You gotta find your brushes first. Make a nice concoction with dishwashing fluid and olive oil, making sure you don’t mess up the ratio. Next, you need to clean the pink Sigma glove you use to swirl your brushes on, so the dirt comes out. And you’ve to do all of that without annoying your mum and her ritualistic Sunday-cooking frenzy. And then you’ve to leave the bushes to dry and put them back in their proper containers so they don’t look messy.

It’s tough being a woman. It is.


19 thoughts on “Actually Painful Stuff

      1. Depends. If you’re patient enough to deal with a brat for almost 18 years of your life and look out for them, hope they don’t die on your watch and do not rat you out to your parents, it’s a good deal.

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      2. Please don’t, I almost got beaten to death once when I was goofing off while my sister ate chillies. I cannot imagine if a girl actually dies coz of me. I think, bothered our parents would straight up lynch me as part of a frenzied mob.

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  1. You only had one maid? Come on…. I have two, one does the house (dishes, cleaning, etc) the other only polishes my Dolche Gavana shoes.
    Anyways you to go to the overall theme and get a little serious, but a little that is, it is very true the saying that goes like this ¨anything that is worth doing is not going to be easy.¨ Makes sense if it was easy all people would be able to do it.
    Another saying from a comic, no and I´m not the comic. ¨The verb is to ´do´the time is now´. And it goes back again that is not easy to do at the time, but it is achievable if you put you have the guts to do so.
    I´m a philosopher, a thinker, been through the ringer….so, go!
    You should pay me for this comment by the way.

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    1. I’m dying. Dolce Gabbana shoes!! You should come to India and experience the overly um, CRAZY Indian household lifestyle.


      1. Never heard of those shoes? you weird-a……
        I don’t know about going over there, I think it would be to the contrary. I would be the one driving you guys crazy. 😉 Take care LITTLE.


      1. Heck yeah! I’ve been meaning to. Got a couple in this lunch break. More later. Back to the grind that I’d rather not be doing…but, grateful to feed the family …

        Have a good night.

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