Why I Write What I Write

Why I Write What I Write

Someone asked me where I get my inspiration for my scary blog posts. And why are all the characters psychotic. Why I’m such a wannabe. And why everything I’ve been writing since day one is twisted beyond measure.

Here’s my answer.

First off, up yours, jerk. Just because I write stuff like I do, doesn’t mean I’m looking out for ways to murder people. I’m not. And I’m not even being my usual sarcastic self. It’s just that I like my characters grey just like I’d like my martinis, if I were to ever drink some. Remember my story Just Like Leda? I’ll admit I’ve put a lot of myself into Lara. I think like that. Doesn’t make me a raging psychopath. (If you think it does, please stop reading, and get out.)

Me, really. (Image credits: Google)

I am anything but a “wannabe”. When I pick character names that aren’t Indian sounding, I don’t do it to prove anything. I just do it because it’s easier to stick with the names I pick. And that. Is. It.

I write twisted plot stories because, let’s face it, is the world even uncomplicated anymore? When was it ever?

And finally, *drumroll*, I get my inspiration from conversations with people. Just this morning I was talking to Johnny, who’s fantastic by the way, and he told me that he saw his twin – someone who looked just like him – and I immediately told him, “Hey look, you inspired a story featuring döppelgangers!” (Does anyone want me to post my döppelganger story?)

So that’s how I roll.

What inspires you?

26 thoughts on “Why I Write What I Write

  1. A(wo)men. 🙂 It is very inevitable that some people judge us for what we write. Readers always try to think of our intention, when in fact, we do not necessarily have an intention when we write. We are just inspired. I like to write sad poems and erotic poems and post them on my blog, and so many times, people send me messages asking how I feel. They think I am actually sad. Some people also think I am so experienced when I am actually just pretending to know any erotic things. 😀 I really like how you write, so don’t mind whoever this person is, and just focus on yourself. You do you, babe. ❤

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  2. Sometimes you should not give a shit about what people think or say, cause its their problem nots yours. One must be honest with oneself thats all that matters..so go on girl, pour your heart out cause i enjoyed your posts and so are others who are following you.!!! and waiting for the Doppelganger story 🙂
    Loads of love gal

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